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Really great link, though i doub i'll be eating there the calorie values are huge!


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isnt it possible to adapt some things they make!! i use to try the roast chicken that came with bbq sauce or jimbeam sauce and ask for it without the sauce on top and change chips for jkt potato and then take the skin off the chicken when i came out!!
problem is sometimes they used to mak me pay 2pound for the jacket because it wasnt an option but if u have to eat there im sure theres way of avoiding the high syns!!!xx


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Yes, I have not been there for months since I learnt about this here on the forum, and if I ever end up in one it will be the five bean chilli. The sausages and mash are not to bad either, at 820 calories - not sure how this translates to syns though! Maybe ok-ish (relatively speaking!) for EE??


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are there any syn values for weatherspoons food i tried to find them online but couldnt. my bf and i usually eat there on steak night, surely a steak and potato with salad cant be bad?!


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I'm being taken to Wetherspoons for lunch tomorrow. I love their 5 bean chilli - would that 4.5 syns be with rice and the tortilla chips or should I give the tortilla chips to my OH?

Thanks in advance.


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If you go onto the SW website, you can find all the exact values for Spoons.

Just log in, go to 'syns online', 'search all manufacturers', click on the 'J' and at time of writing this at least, "J D Wetherspoon" is top of the list.

Click on it, then enter whatever it is you want to know about (i.e. 'steak', 'gammon', etc) and it will list the various options.

You can view Wetherpoons menu from home on the internet so it is VERY easy to plan ahead.

All syn values are also in the Food Directory, the most handy book to have!

I had Spoons for lunch today, chilli (the meat one, not the 5 bean one) with rice and tortilla chips, 17½ syns on green day. Yum!!


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thats one thing i hate about lifelineonline, im searching weatherspoons and its not an intelligent search bar, it should be able to suggest J D weatherspoon! ill have a look at it now thanks for the tip!


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do you know i eat at wetherspoons all the time and i NEVER could have guessed it would be that bad!! im so pleased i came across this because i would still be having steak with salad and jacket potato if i didnt and wondering why i wasnt loosing


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Well i had the chocolate fudge cake from wetherspoons on monday as a treat as im 3lb under my target weight now....never again! not only did it make me feel horrendous! but 744 bloody calories! it definitely wasnt worth it!



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They mircrowave most of their foods too so I hardly go there anymore. But if I had to go I would usually go for a basic pasta dish but saying that even thats going to be high syns.
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When I first started SW I used to eat at WetherSpoons 3 times a week, I had the BBQ chicken melt (HE A) for the cheese, with jacket potato and salad. I put 3 syns for the bbq sauce and 1 for the ceaser salad dressing & I still lost between 2&5lbs a week.

& I doubt very much they inject their potatoes with oil considering they microwave practically everything.
The rice or pasta come out stuck together in a rectangular shape. & we always joke they they must have cool rectangular sauce pans! x
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Just had their 5 bean chilli! It was lovely! Really filling and very tasty - best of all I don't feel guilty at all :)
Can't believe this!

J D Wetherspoon 8oz Sirloin Steak with Jacket Potato, Peas, Tomatoes & Flat Mushroom per serving

38 Syns on Extra Easy
Original 40½ Syns
Green 38 Syns

I nearly choked when I saw that! And except for the steak fat those are meant to all be free foods?!

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I went to spoons yesterday for lunch. Anyway I had something that was new on the menu so is not on SW website (sorry not sure what the actual site is called that you log into). I found the calorie content etc, but cant turn it into syns. The online calculater doesnt work as it asks me for a portion size, well I have NO idea at all!!!!!!

Any help with this?


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