What a gorgeous tea (the best so far on SW!)


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Hi MM's!

I just thought I would share my gorgeous tea which I had tonight, it was the Teriyaki Salmon from this months SW mag with stir fry veggies and egg noodles, oh my word it was so tasty!!!

Then for afters I thought I would try 0% Total yoghurt mixed with the White Chocolate Options sachet, a broken up meringue nest and some blueberries, this was sooooo nice, even hubby liked it and he's hard to please when it comes to desserts!!

The meal was so nice I have asked hubby to do it as my Main & Dessert for my birthday meal on Sunday with giant garlic & spinach mushrooms for Starters!!
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It does sound really nice. I love Salmon I have to try this . Also I keep hearing about this white chocolate options I need to try this . Years ago I used to put the choc orange in the options and have fresh strawberries with it .


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Sounds yum.....will def have to try out that dessert :) xx


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Ooo. I had my eye on that. Might do it for tea on Friday if I survive the first week back at school.

You're going to have a great birthday!



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Oh cool will try that one out this week then :) I am loving the recipes


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That really does sound great! What a brilliant website, being able to share recipes like that and inspiring one another! ThanksX


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i did think this month mag had some very yummy recipes in.


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Sounds lovely.


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ooo i'm having that tonight for tea too except the dessert.

This months mag (IMO compared to weightwatchers which i never found very helpful as didnt like the recipie ideas) had lots of yummy ideas! the beef goulash was very yummy had that on sunday night!!!


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oohhh that sounds fab, had my eye on that salmon recipe, def gunna try it! I had the chilli and rice out of the mag and it was really lovely (got leftovers for lunch today), not overly spicey, which is fine as hubby isnt keen on overly hot foods.

Helen x


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Sounds delicious!! That should be my new years resolution - to try the recipes in the magazine! I tend to buy the mags, read the success stories, then put it away!


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oooooooh if anyone could be so kind i would luv to see the goulash recipe?