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What a Saturday night-kitten birth O/T


loving life
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What a Saturday night I had. My cat is pregnant and had one of her kittens last night which I had to deliver as she wouldn't break the sack etc.

She initially started to clean it but after about 20 mins started to pat it and then started biting it to my hororr-basicly she was rejecting it and was trying to kill him. We phoned the emergency vet who told us to bring the cat and kitten in so at 12 mindninght we had to put the kitten on a hot water bottle and next to my chest wrapped up and take them both in.

The vet said the kitten was premature and this was why my cat Jessie was tring to kill him. (it's a boy) He has survived the night with the vet feeding him every 1-2 hours and to my total amazement Jesse is also still preganant with at least another 2 kittens as apparantly they can have more than 1 pregnancy at the same time! they are due in the next 3-4 days. I was so shocked and amazed at nature and I'm hoping the little one pulls through. We will have to hand rear him and have called him Bruno as he's a litter fighter.

Hope I havn't bored anyone but had to tell as I'm so excited. Zoe xx
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Well you have had an eventful night. I really hope the kitten is ok. Keep us updated about what happens.


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Aw bless the wee guy.

Keep us updated. Hopefully she'll take to him if you could reintroduce when the other two kittens are born in the next few days? Perhaps the vet could advise if you could scent him and sneak him back in?


loving life
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The vet has said she may take him back when she realises he is viable so fingers crossed. Zoe xx
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congrats on the birth, hope bruno does well! x


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Ahhh... hope the little fella is okay. Bruno is certainly a good name for a little fighter! x
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Aw bless him hope he pulls through and hope the others ok xxx
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oh poor little thing, i thort my saturday night was 'exciting' when our cat chucked up a hairball!! yours beats it.

hope he is ok
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Ahhh, how cute, good luck!


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Aww poor little kitten. Hope he is ok x


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Aww, hope the little mite is okay. Great name. x


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Aww I hope the kitten is alrite.. sounds like a wee fighter!

I am hoping to get 2 kittens soon x


loving life
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Hi everyone, Bruno died at 3pm this afternoon and I am gutted. The vet said he didn't have the strength to breath anymore because his lungs were sticking and so he just drifted off. I picked him up from the vets to bring him home and he just looked asleep, all huddled up. I feel very silly being upset but because I helped him out and stimulated him to take his first breath I just feel really upset he didn't make it. Hoping the others are gonna be ok when they arrive and that the Mum Jessie will accept them. Zoe xx

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