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What age do kids start negotiating ????lol

I am sat here negotiating a deal with my son ?:rolleyes:
Who wants to stay up to watch a programme at 7.30 ( his usual bedtime)
So me being a kind compromising mum says he can watch that programme if we get him showered and pj`s on now!!:)

Yes we have gone through the I can get sorted after lol:D and all the usual excuses:p

But now we have struck the shower and pj NOW deal.
Have got to laugh cos he`s not even 4 yet.:D:D:D
Don`t they make you laugh x x
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Hehe! it doesn't get any easier to negotiate with them as they get older Sarah! :rolleyes:

My daughter is 6 and has been allowed to stay up until 9pm during the hols. BUT does she go to sleep at 9? No, I have to read 2 or 3 pages of her favourite Bratz book and then sit with her for 2 minutes first! :rolleyes::D Wouldn't mind but she still wakes before 7am every morning! :confused:

My 13yr old son has regularly been going to bed after midnight since the hols started. That means that I'm also having to stay up late because I just CAN'T go to sleep knowing he's down stairs watching tv. :rolleyes: At least he can sleep in until at least 10.30am - even if I can't! :rolleyes:
Oh the joys, wouldn`t swap em for the world.
Well I won anyway. One boy successfully showered and pj`s on.
I don`t mind him staying up a bit, but like yours he will still be up at 7.00 in the morning.
But how come when its daddy`s turn to get up when I am on an early start at work
He gets up about 9.30:rolleyes::rolleyes: lol


Gone fishing
My 15yr old is in his room from 10:30pm during the hols:)

At 10:30 I rub my hands together and announce that it's housework time. Of course, being the loving Mum that I am;), I 'compromise'. He can either help me or go upstairs out of the way 'so I can get on':)

He's yet to chose to help me:confused:, but that suits me as I only ever get to pack the dishwasher before I get bored. Might have to do more if he was around 'helping'.
I'm fed up with my teenager. :rolleyes::( He's a great son, never gets into trouble, I always know where he is etc. BUT his room is the MOST untidy place I have ever seen. I'm sure that I'll find mice living there before too long. His clothes usually end up in a heap on the floor for days before I give in and put them in the washing basket.

If he eats anything up there, the packets get thrown on the floor, even though he has a bin in the room - which is always empty.:eek::rolleyes:

He doesn't make his bed (I've stopped apart from when I change his sheets once a week). He has all the usual boys toys, stereo, ps2, portable tv and therefore whenever he changes a disc he doesn't think to put the previous one back into the case and tidy it away. Oh no, that's too much like hard work - so he just leaves the discs on the floor even though he did actually tidy them underneath his desk a few weeks ago.

He still has loads of his toy cars which should be in storage boxes, but every now and again he'll get some out and forget to put them back, so whenever I dare to walk into his room I usually end up standing on them and breaking them!:mad:

I've been asking him for a few weeks now to tidy his room but he's always too busy, going out, or says "I'll do it later". Well I'm so fecking fed up with the mess that I had a huge row with him earlier and now I can't bring myself to talk to him - I'm sulking like a small child! :mad::sigh:

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