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What am i doing wrong??

had weigh in today and stayed the same :( I have been realy good too, didnt even touch an easter egg... wish I did now! I realy do feel like giving up, I only lose weight by starving myself, Ive gota realy slow metabalism.. feel realy down about this.. which isnt good.
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Hey hun,

I'm starting SW today and just spotted your post... You've had a great loss every week except your weeks "off" on holiday...and even then a 2.5lb gain on holiday is hardly anything - I've just come back from mine and reckon I've gained almost 3x that!! Your average weekly loss (2 weeks off excepted) is at least 1lb, and that's NOT to be sniffed at - it takes 3,500 calories to be undereaten in order to lose 1lb of fat - and the average woman needs about 1800-2000 cals a day to maintain... so undereating 3500 cals (and thus lose 1lb) is to undereat by almost a full 2 days worth of food. Now when you think about that, it's no mean feat is it?

I'm sorry you've had a STS tonight, it is frustrating when our efforts don't show on the scales, but don't forget that the scales are only a tool in measuring our weightloss success - if it's not showing on the scales, that doesn't mean you haven't lost fat. If you're doing the plan properly, you can't fail!!

I always have to tell myself this and I know how hard it is to really believe it, but just stick with it hun and it will be worthwhile!

Hugs xxx

PS. As you get to a weight that your body suits, sometimes you do find that the losses slow down... I note that your final goal of 147 is the same as my main goal (altho I hope to eventually get to 140, body permitting) and when I reached the weight you are now, I found it MUCH harder to shift a lb - like my body was holding onto it. Unfortunately my holiday gain means I'm now heavier :( can't wait to be back where you are!
I think wannabslim is right about it being harder to lose the closer you are to target.
You've done really well with the plan so far so i think it's a bit of digging your heels in for the next few weeks and you'll get there in the end.
Hi, thx very much wannabeslim very helpful :) and thankyou eternity too. what do you meen by digging your heels in? exercise? hmm well i do lots of walking, im definatly not a fan on running, and to be honest its hard to exercise around 2 children one being 8 months and is very demanding, going to start drinking green tea as think it helped me lose weight lastime... god my final goal is ages away! a stone an a half... its a drag as it is so ive got to wait another whole week to see if ive lost, if i havent then think im gona move on lol.

thanks girls :)


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I'm getting to that sticking stage. I lose 1lb one week, sts, then lose 2lb, then sts again. It's so frustrating.
I'm afraid it's down to grim determination now. I've dropped my syns down to between 5 and 10. I do need to start exercising more though. I've been very lazy since my daughters been away.
If you can't exercise try dripping your syns. It isn't actually as hard as you'd think it is, I was surprised...lol


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Quite honestly, I wouldn't worry about it - it's when we start beating ourselves up over it that we have problems. My consultant says that if we have a sts then it might well show up next week that we lose weight.

Its very easy to get disheartened when things don't go our way. We've a girl in class who bursts into tears every time she puts on weight.

So put on a smile, and look at what you've achieved thus far - it will come off.
i went through this myself not so long ago. I went a whole month without seeing anything move at all.
it can be disheartening, but trust me, it will start to happen again.
it you feel really stuck, take a few days off the plan. i don't mean go crazy, but just have a little bit of what you fancy.

i've posted a link to the thread i made a few days ago talking about exactly the situation you are in.

keep your chin up. it will happen!



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I just thought I'd have a look in my record book to see how many weeks since sept when I joined, that I've either stayed the same or gained.
I've STS 4 times and put weight on 5 times (this inc xmas week) and that's out of 29 weeks. I've noticed that apart from the xmas gain that these gains or sts happen every 4 wks. I've started highlighting the weeks in my record book so now I'll know when to expect a gain or STS.
I gain half a pound every 4 weeks for no apparent reason. It is really weird that our body does these things to us but as others have said stick to it and you will notice the difference. Have you measured yourself ? It could be you have lost inches and not pounds this week.


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I had a month of more or less STS. I started keeping a food diary and realised I wasn't sticking to the plan as much as I thought I was. I had a week where I wrote EVERYTHING down, kept track of all my syns (even if I went over a little bit)... and lost 4lbs straight away.

My advice... be STRICT with yourself... write it all down. Don't give yourself a chance to kid yourself you're eating less than you are. It's so easy to eat an extra HexB or have more syns than you realise, and you can only really monitor this by writing it down, I find.


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Can't agree more with the great advice already given here.

And one thing - how long do you think it took to become overweight? One week? Two? Bet some weeks you put on a few ounces and then the next STS. It takes a long time to become overweight. It can take a long time to lose it. Giving up isn't the answer.
Ok I took DearFatty's Advice and I have lost an inch on hips and around waist!! how brill, I thought my trousers were feeling rather baggy but didn't think nothing of it lol. thx for the advice! and thankyou to all of you for all your support!! xx

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