what an awful day


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Oh food wise its been bad really. I've been in all day with my son coz school closure and well terrible ice out there. I have just had a day where i couldnt decide what i wanted. Didnt have anything for breakfast. Then had 2 alpen bars in one go, i usually spread them through the day. Had low fat supernoodles, then made cottage pie with veggies but argued with my bf so couldnt face it. So chucked it out. Then got hungry so had low fat super noodles again. Now ive just had 2 curly wurlies and i lttle milky way bar. Ive gone over my 10 syns. It not nutritious in any way today. Feel rubbish about it
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Aww. Not so good.
Shame you threw out your cottage pie. Would have been even better reheated for tomorrow's lunch.
Hope you feel better soon x


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We all have these types of days, but it's realizing it that counts and keeping to it tomorrow.


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ello. dont worry ive done worse. i had double my cereal and milk allowance and then had 2 chocolates (lion bar and mars bar) and 5 roses chocolates or was it 6??
we need to start again tomorrow