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What are the vegetarians having for Christmas Lunch

are they totally vegetarian or do they still eat fish?? as i am gonna try the salmon that is in the sw magazine looks gorgeous (although it prob wont turn out like that for me lol )
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No, she don't eat fish or eggs and only a little cheese, so thats out lol. I'd thought of a nut roast but then had this idea that it sounded a bit boreing as I imagine she gets sick of it for special occassions. Might be wrong, but not being a veggie I just don't know what constitues something special for them. Maybe a toasted cheese sandwich in the shape of a Christmas tree lol.
Please keep the ideas comming I'm starting to panic now.


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I made a lovely 'thing' never gave it a name. Filo pastry philly pesto quorn roast xmas cracker shape. Lay out leaves of pastry brush wif melted butter spread a thick layer of philly and then a layer of pesto , cut the quorn roast in half and place on pastry. wrap around and tie up like a cracker. great hot or cold. You can dress it up with a holly leaf .I really love it, most of it is free on Sw and you dont get much of the pastry with each slice.
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I'm a vegan and I so rarely have nut roast i'll probably make a lovely one for xmas day and take it with me to my parents house :) I also make this gorgeous gravy recipe I have with red wine in it, i'll be using my syns that day! My dad always does tons and tons of veg and because me and mum do SW, we'll make him do SW friendly roasties :D

Don't know what i'll have for starter though, they normally have prawn cocktail or something, i'll have to come up with something else just for me!

The best thing about being a vegan at christmas is that all those chocolates etc hold no temptation for me because they all have milk in them :D


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Quorn do a Quorn Roast now CG, it will not be a home cooked recipe but it will be a veggie meal...


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filo parcels with roasted peppers, tomatoes, brocolli and pesto - roast the veggies add dollop of pesto and then place on four squares of filo pastry scruch up at the top and put in oven yummy. Or my mate does a roasted box of camembert with cranberries on the top for a starter and then breadsticks for dipping- a veggie sort of fondue


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Why don't you go to the Vegetarian Society website? They're bound to have loads of ideas for Xmas!
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I'm not sure my dad is bound to invent something wonderful for our meal on the sunday before and I'll come up with something for us on the day.
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Why don't you go to the Vegetarian Society website? They're bound to have loads of ideas for Xmas!
Doh! Never thought of that one Judi, thanks.
Nikki, I love the sound of your pepper parcel and roasted camembert with bread sticks. Thanks to everyone for your ideas, there are some scrummy sounding meals for me to look into now.


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Does it have to follow SW principles?

We have a "Nut Wellington", invariably, and I, invariably, look forward to it all year :D

My mum used to do it for my gran and uncle (both vegetarian) at Christmas, and I always chose it over the meat option(s). Then I married a veggie and he took over the recipe. It really is most delicious!! Husband's grandpa and great-uncle (both late 70s) have always been meat and two veg only......they really enjoy it!!

(Can pm you the recipe if you'd like)

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