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What are we eating today?


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hi sona
i have had for tea chicken in a basil and onion sauced with potato wedges made from new potatos with string beans carrots and peas it was lovely.. even went into the kitchen and did a jam roly poly with custard for hubby and son didnt have any either (yay me) wasnt bothered at all. how has your day been?
Hey hun!

Well done u!
i had my intended meal, fish, q burger, a little chicken and vegis.
It was VERY filling!! So that meal will probs be making a comeback!
Also had half a pear and some melon while watching a DVD with hubby. No stepper yesterday i was just too tired. Got my gym induction tonight and will also do my stepper when i get home.

Today im planning to have:

B- shake
S- 1 toast with cheese slice
L- shake
S- Apple or kellogs bar
D- lettuce, cucumber,cabbage,(cooked mushroom and chicken), french dressing - Salad.
ok this is going to sound odd but was actually quite nice!

Beef bourguinon (from my days at go lower) with a slice of bread
also a naan with soft cheese to finish off as i still calories left over, was rather full after that!

strange i know but it was rather nice! :)
it does sound nice! have u ever had paneer (indian cheese) grilled with nan? yum! its quite fatty tho! lolz


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well for tea tonight i had chicken and lemon rissotto with lots of mixed vegetables it was yummy was wondering though at the end of the day i seem to have about 300 calories left is it ok to leave them or should i use up my 1200 cals per day hubby added what i have not used since monday and for some reason he is convinced im not eating enough but im not hungry though.
wow purple thats impressive!!
I had my gym induction yesterday but cant start untill week after next! damn late shift at work!!

today im having:
B- strawberry shake
S- Kellogs bar (not buying any more of these when they finish!)
L- chocolate shake
S- WW yogart
D- Jacket, tuna mayo sweetcorn and a spoon of cottage cheese
no i haven't sona but i did have a piece with cheddar on it last night lol. :p

today i have messed up already,
breakfast - shake
snack - 1 oranage and crisps (2nd orange was dry inside?!) so over by 100 already
Lunch - forgot shake, so prob have my choc and fudge bar (they are soooo nice and only 70cals!) and prob a packet of crisps
Snack - 2 apples
Dinner - undecided... probabily soup and 2 bits of bread as its just over 400 cals so will make up for the extra 100 this morning
Morning gals!

S- Highlights hot choc
B- strawberry shake
S- Grapes
L- choc shake
S- Ice cream with the hubby! (treat!)
D- 2 toast, 1/2 tin beans, 2 pouched eggs

Didnt do my stepper yesterday due to the depression! lolz so will defo hop on today to get my 5th session in for this week.
afternoon guys!

B- vanillay shake
S- Hot choc
L- chocolate shake
S- WW yogart if i need ot
D- Asda good for u pasta arbietta (not a fan of eating pasta as it makes me bloated!)
S- if i need one then fruit.

On late shift till 10pm at work today.. and all this week. Dinners are goingt o be difficult so will have to cook something up... Ive got 3 more days of dinner at work.. so Maybe something with tuna for 2 days and curry and chappari for 1 day! Never had ethnic food at work before.. its bit on the smelly side.

any ideas ppl?
do you have a microwave at work? i didnt when i worked in a shop so i bought one (later went on to be two as i moved shops and gave one to my bro!) just so i could eat there and not eat the junk food we sold. then a micromeal would be quick and easy, or soup which i used to do.

but tonight im having quiche with salad :)
Hey gals!

i have a microwave but not the time to use it on a late shift!
My last break is between 7-8 which is perfect for dinner time but only 15 mins long! My "lunch/dinner" break is between 4:30-5:30 and tooo early to eat dinner! So always having to run around for dinner at work!


B- weetabix bar ( at 9am on the way to manchester airport)
B- shake at 11ish when i got home
L- Shake at 4ish with snack a jacks.. that im still munching on now slowly...
D- tuna mayo sandwish, ww yogart and space raiders crisps.
Will try to have this around 8ish and make it last a bit longer...

S- if i need one will be fruit at home!


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Got up a bit late but this is rest of day:

11am Cafe shake
8pm carrots, broccoli and WW chicken, potato and mushroom pie (it was so lush for 302 cals - in fact so nice and filling I got the packet back out of the bin to make sure I wasn't supposed to only have half)

silly amount of snacks which is why it looks better than it is:
1" of Brie
1 tiny cupcake without icing (I've been baking today ready for weekend) so i tried one to see if sweet enough
1 aero
3/4 bag of snack o jacks but didn't finish them cos they weren't nice.
1 tiny clemantine
Bite of son's sausage roll (believe me he only let me have the smallest bite)

So I make that about 500 cals in snacks plus 500 in real food. so got enough left for a cup of coffee and curly wurly before bed. Not great nutritionally but not the end of the world for occasionally treat myself day. But a good example of how nibbling adds up hey?
Evening all

B- Ultra slim choc meal bar ( a bit hard to eat but taste ok and filling)
S- Trannsform a snack! lolz the 25p ones! 133kcal
L- Chock shake - 213
S- Kellogs bar! ( hungry today!) - 83
D- chicken, veg, q burger and sauce - 474

No more snacks hopefully! Did 30 mins on my stepper (275 cals burned! )this morning before my late shift at work!! thats 4 times so far this week! woop! Had a sneaky WI after my exercise (after brekki aswell) and was reading 12.38!! this is the lowest ive seen it in ...3 years? so here is to hope that it stays this low or lower by tomorow for my normal WI or sunday for my SF WI.
Heyy my day sounds quite boring compared to some of yours... some of them main meals sound lovely!

B: Strawberry shake
L: Jacket potato & snackpot of beans
T:Strawberry shake

Snacks: Muller light yogurt, low fat choc mousse (only 70 cals), special k mini breaks.


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HI. Today has been:
mid morning cafe shake
mid afternoon two of my home made cupcakes (and a lot of tasting the icing as I made them - oops)
supper: veg and the WW pot pie again - it was so lush I fancied another.
snacks: grapes, clemantine and a SF snack bar.

Feeling quite full and as if I've eaten a lot more.
today for me is looking like this
b-2 slices toast with butter
s-oatybix bar
l-US meal bar
s-tesco value caramel wafer and a time out finger later on!
d-is going to be, 2 bacon 2 eggs and 1 slice of toast

Done really well yesterday in that i didnt over snack, infact i managed to have 1100 calories all in all and that was with an extra snack! was the same as above but had a jacket potato with cheese and salad (tesco ready meal one) for dinner instead

but am also going out for drinks tonight, so going to try and stick to the vodka as i think its the least calories and not over
morning all today has been
B- banana slimfast shake
D-will be banana slim
L- will be shephards pie and loads of veg
will be having as snacks
1 mini bites snack sk
1 goodfor you blueberry bar 72 cals
am pleased with the progress so far have now taken up aqua aerobics twice a week had my first class last night lasted an hour boy was i wacked but really enjoyed it

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