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What are you doing for the royal wedding?


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Morning all!!

Just wondering what peoples plan are (if any) for the royal wedding on friday?

I think we are going to have a picnic in the front room lol with the kids to watch it! My son is very excited about it as they have been building up to it at school.

Im thinking of doing traditional british food for the picnic - sausage rolls, scotch eggs, quiche (all SW style of course) strawberries and cream (FF Yoghurt for me) and maybe a cheeky glass of something sparkly for a toast (synd of course!!:D).

What are all of your plans for this friday then? x
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I will be driving to Ilfracombe in N,Devon for a weekend away visiting old friends.

We booked to deliberatly to get away from the wedding, not anti royal but there's too much TV coverage and getting fed up of it all.


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I plan on making up a picnic and then me and hubby are off in the car -probably to the safari park for lots of walking and if not -then anywhere away from it all ;) -some folks on the street are on about having a mini "street party" -which probably means drinking n lolling around -(my idea of hell) so Im out -don't care where -but OUT :D
Nice to see Im not the only one


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I'm cooking a full english (buffet stylee) for my OH and 3 of our friends, all SW friendly... Cept for the bacon scones and champers!!

Then I think we're going out for a picnic, they'll have fruit scones and I'll have strawberries and mullerlight :)

I'm too excited!! x x


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im really looking 4ward 2 it,il b watching with my family,can t wait 2 c the dress im sure she will b stunning,love a bit of romance
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Me & OH are on a rare day off together so we are going to Scotland (not sure exactly where yet), taking a picinic & going walking.

I'm thinking of buying a gps so if I do it'll get it's first use;)

BTW I'd be grateful of any gps thoughts
I will be doing my utmost to avoid it, I fail to see the need to celebrate 2 useless scroungers getting married on the taxpayer and tv licence payers' money. As for all the street parties, just an excuse for a bunch of chavs to get drunk, round here anyway. Our streets will be a mess for weeks as our local council are too sodding useless to even empty anyone's bins


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I am so looking forward to it. I think they are a lovely,young couple and we will be celebrating here is Spain.

We are doing a BBQ for 8 friends.

I am frantically searching for red, white and blue bunting or crepe paper to decorate the pool side area.

The following day is Queens Day in Holland so that is another celebration with our Dutch friends.

It is good to be so well integrated lol !! We are looking for some French friends now so that we can celebrate Bastille day in July lol !!!!!


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I will be working until 4pm and avoiding catching any of it on TV.

When I get home I plan a long dog walk and then SW tea infront of a decent DVD.

I'm in the "avoid" camp, I'm afraid, getting far too much of it already!



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Doing my best to avoid it like the plague by going into work ;)

I don't think there is much interest here other than people are getting another public holiday.
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I will be watching some of it just to see dress and what everyones wearing
A few friends are coming round so depending on weather if we are sat in or out
Happy where you thinking of going in lovely sunny scotland well maybe sunny lol
I'm taking a look at my 1001 walks in Great Britain book then will decide. OH works on the railway so we don't need to buy tickets as we get free rail travel so Scotland is my oyster:D


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I'm really looking forward to it but OH ans DS (13) aren't really interested. My Mum(83) is going to come to our house to watch it with us and I'm doing canapes and bucks' fizz to make it special for her with some cakes and icecream for DS (so now he's really looking forward to it too).
If the budget can stretch to a bottle of JD then I'm sure OH will manage to get into the spirit of it aswell :)


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I'm looking forward to it, any excuse to throw my doors wide open to friends and family and have a little party!! Would like a bbq, and thats the plan, but will have something on standby in case the weather lets us down!!!


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My 5 year old daughter is very excited by it all so I am now getting excited on her behalf and quite looking forward to it - if that makes any sense?! They seem like such a nice couple but I feel desperately sorry for them having to have such an elaborate wedding when I'm sure they'd rather do something more intimate and private. Feels almost voyeuristic watching it somehow. They must be absolutely bricking it, my nerves would be shot to bits if I was them!

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