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What are you eating today - Thursday - calorie counters?


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And a bright and sunny although cold morning here today.

I just updated my ticker and am delighted to be losing so well. I know I'll need to increase carbs soon, but for now I'm happy. I am truly amazed at how much I can eat, and calorie count, and lose weight! Best of all is that I feel great, am sleeping less, and generally feel happy.

B: 6oz plums (80) <-- might be my last day of excess plums!
1oz Fitnesse + milk (150)
homemade muesli 2oz (250)

= 480

L: 5oz roast chicken breast (225)
+ steamed carrots, parsnips and green beans (50)
6oz plums (80)

1 low fat Taillefine yoghurt (55)
= 410

Mid-pm: 1 peach, 1 apricot (50)

D: 2 egg omelette (160)
onion, mushrooms (30)
undressed lettuce, cucumber, celery, beetroot, spring onions, tomatoes with spoonful coleslaw (50)
= 240

TOTAL = 1,180 <-- today was meant to be a higher day so if I fancy, say, a biscuit with my last drink tonight, I will...

3L water
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Morning all, Doesn't the sun being out make it so much easier to get motivated in the mornings. Well i weighed in this morning at 212.2 so to date i have lost 5.8lbs, woohoo!!!

My menu for today is

Breakfast- Bowl of special k red berries but i picked the berries out coz i don't like them (104 cals)

Lunch- Scrambled egg made with 1 egg and 2 hotdog sausages(230 cals)

Dinner- 3 slices Bernard matthews chicken and large salad of lettuce, onion, cucumber and coleslaw(200cals)

Snacks- apple (80 cals)
plums 80 grms (40 cals)

Am working up the pub today so will probably have a chicken soup as well 200 cals

Total 854 cals

Might have some extra fruit later to up the cals.

1- How important to a diet is it to make sure you get your 5 fruit/veg portions a day
2- On vlcd they state the importance of drinking 3-4ltrs of water (more you drink more you shrink) does drinking tons of water on a calorie diet have the same effect,

Thank you.


** Chief WITCH **
hi there gdollery,
GREAT weightloss - congratulations! You must be feeling good!

I'll have a go at your questions, but will hope Karion pops up soon:

1) I'd say it's very important to eat as many veggies and salad items as you can, both for the goodness that they bring and the fact that they help fill you up. Where fruit is concerned, I have always eaten a lot - more than most but I see you like your fruit too, even PLUMS!! - and it never hampered my weight loss. Some might say there's a lot of sugar in fruit, which I grant them but I do have a sweet tooth and if I wasn't eating fruit, what else might I turn to?

2) as someone who has never done a VLCD, yet had lost 12 stone, I think water is very important. Not only does it help mask the "I'm hungry" feeling (which is often "I'm thirsty" anyway), but it also fills you up and has definitely helped with my weight loss.

I still think you could up your calories at breakfast time. I hate special K too - goes soggy!
Thanks for that yeah i am feeling really good at the moment can't wait till its nearer my holiday date so i can so shopping for some clothes hopefully be a size smaller then so am putting it off for as lon as poss

Its not the special k i hate its the dried bits of fruit they put in taste really sharp to me so pick them out and leave them on the side, my mum is loving that.

Yeah i do love fruit always have but before the diet i would never eat any apart from the odd banana here and there and i know if i wasn't chomping on an apple i would be eating rubbish

I do understand what you are saying about breakfast calories, have never been much of a breakfast person got a phobia of eating makes me think i'm gonna be sick sometimes, and when this happens its more so in the mornings so i try not to eat to much as once this occurs i can't eat for a week, wierd i know.
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I'm a bit later today, today I'm having:

Special K (130)
Semi skimmed milk (98)

Carrots (28)
Cucumber (8)

Crumbed Ham (117)
Salad incl dressing (45)

Cherries (49)
Nectarine (60)

Not sure what I'm having yet, will have a look in Sainsburys later lol

Jennie xx


Gone fishing
1- How important to a diet is it to make sure you get your 5 fruit/veg portions a day
As Joanne say. Also add more

Memo to Karion: Don't nag! :D

I think it's important, but I guess it's where your priorities lie. Okay, there are calories in fruit and veg, but they are small in comparison to other food groups. I can't imagine how tiny my meals would be without them:eek:

Looking at the longterm implications, without F&V you are increasing your chances of getting cancer and early onset Alzheimer's, but the nurses in the hospital will be soooo envious of your figure;) (Assuming that they don't give you masses of steroids that will blow you up like a balloon)

That wasn't nagging was it? Just giving the facts;)
Can I join??

Assuming thats a yes!!!!

Breakfast: 1 apple and 2 nectarines - 190

Lunch: Tesco layered tuna salad 460, Doritos 200, melon 110 - 770

Am eating 1100 cals per day and I run 3 miles most mornings so have 1300 cals those days!!:D

Had very bad binging week last week and started Monday morning at 11/9.5.

Weigh in Monday mornings so we shall see. Have promised myself a new expensive watch when I get to 10 stone :D

Have a great day everyone



** Chief WITCH **
hello tashy and welcome to the thread!

Of course you're very welcome! Are you very very very tall?
Hi Joanne - and thanks!

Well - my early morning shadow (on the ground, not on my face) is very tall - must be around 7-8 foot and at 11 stone 9.5lbs - she looks great :D

I am 5ft 8 - why do you ask?:)
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My mum somehow managed to leave akey on the other side of the door so i have walked from work to home to make my lunch and couldn't get in, have left my bank card in the house and got no money to buy food and no fags for three hours and i am starving!!!!!!!!!!!


** Chief WITCH **
Sorry Tash to ask a freaky question! Just that I saw your target was 10 stone, and saw it would make your BMI 21.3 :eek: so I figured you had to be really tall! :D

Oh no gdollery - nightmare indeed. Are you back at work? Can't someone lend you some money to buy a sandwich? Fruit?
:) - wasnt a freaky question - was just suddenly worried that I'd made a mistake somewhere in my figures - or that 1300 cals is only okay for someone of 8ft plus!!!!!:D:D:D



** Chief WITCH **
At your height and weight, at least your BMI is "normal"... my weight is normal but I need to be YOUR height!!


** Chief WITCH **
Thanks but the history is that I got to 10 stone 12lb on July 11 before a week's holiday and managed to gain an incredible 20.5lbs in 12 days! Total binge, hiding wrappers etc, which upsets me as much as the weight gain to be honest... so here we go again before next holiday in four weeks' time, and I've probably got time to get there again, or thereabouts, but no time to stabilise so "here we go again"! I figure I'll be back in October doing the exact same diet again (except each time I gain more ... grrr one of the downsides of quitting smoking, I guess! (You don't smoke, do you?)
No think I can cope only got two hours left and have had loads of water and thats curbed the hunger pangs, to be honest was more concerned about the lack of fags.:rolleyes:

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