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what are you girls up to this bank hols

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Im off to weston super mare with my sis, her fiance and the babba and my joe <3 for fish and chips!!! :D
oh can i come to fern sounds very nice.

im going to matlock for the day and me to will also be particapting of fish and chips :D

hope weather holds for us, its blowing a flaming gale here


I will be a yummy mummy!
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I've just come back from a weeks hols in Devon so going to have a chill-out day, maybe some movies on the sofa, some housework, and attempting to sort out the jungle that used to be my garden!!
Oh and mountains of washing leftover from holidays!!

All followed by a SW friendly roast chicken, new pots and lotsa veggies

Hope you all have a lovely day x


Bring On The New Me!
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Housework, then taking my two children to see nanny and then a huge walk across the field with the doggy. xxx
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Work this afternoon for me nice bit of overtime on time and two thirds. Gives me peace from the hubby and kids lol.
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Been down the gym this morning and will be sorting out some more clothes to sell on ebay/give to charity shop.
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I got up early & had 4 jobs to do today. So far I've cleaned the wine making stuff I had to clean, sorted some of Lydia's Avon brochures out (she's on holiday), packed for my holiday & later today I've got to do more Avon, I'm collecting brochures & I don't get paid for it:eek: Nope apparently I do it out of love:cool:

I might watch the tv progs I've recorded.


is on the road to Slimdon
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Work for me till 10pm :( but it's bank holiday which equals sin free chilli & rice made by me for the whole office YUM
I need to work with you!!
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Its not a Bank Hol in the USA... ours is this coming weekend..Labor Day....had visitors over the weekend, so BBQ on Sat, and out and about yesterday so need to sort the house from that and catch up on stuff but Hubby is home from Thursday till Tuesday ( guess I wont get much done then). I am waiting to hear if I have got through to the next round for an interview and if I do will need to prepare (another) presentation for them .....so looks like its going to be a fairly busy day.

Have a great Aug Bank hol to everyone in the UK
I need to work with you!!
I make it at home & then bring my slow cooker in to work to keep it warm. I charge £2 person & give the money to cancer research as my mum had cancer. At easter I do a slow cooked beef & various other stuff on other bank holidays. It has become a bit of a tradition :)


synful soul
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Not a bank holiday here either but with luck next year I will be back living in good old England ( Cornwall) and will be enjoying the day with sis and all my nephews/nieces, great nephews and nieces.

Had a great and busy day though. Got loads done was out before 9 and at Iceland for them opening......then to pick up 4 bales of hay, was chatted up by owners lovely dad in law, said what a pity I am married, to tide us over till next delivery......then Charity Shop, found some great finds chatted up and was chatted up by Spanish Manager Pedro, am loving it . Swear it happens every time I wear Elle's jeans lol. The Lidl for baby spuds etc, then Spanish supermarket, then Chinese Shop ( like your pound shops ) then chemists and now home with hubby and shortly going for a long, lovely, cooling swim.

Oh and spent loads of time on here.........


Silver Member
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spent most of it recovering with a hangover from last night - which reminded me why I don't go out drinking - serves me right

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