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what celeb body would u most like to have?

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Shakira, Beyonce, J Lo ... all got those curves!


Strong women stay slim
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J-LO As shes so natural . :)

Big H

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Vin Diesel ;)

Big H

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S: 23st11lb C: 19st1lb G: 15st0lb BMI: 37.2 Loss: 4st10lb(19.82%)
.... Speaking as a guy, I like Martine McCutcheon :)


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Lol about some of the comments, I'd love Ms Jolie's 'old' figure, she's WAY too thin at the mo, & yes Shakira, JLo et al. Catherine Zeta Jones too, she's very slim but still not a 'waif'. Am I alone in thinking Kate Moss is overrated, looks & body-wise? Though to be as slim as her would be fab, I'd be able to GAIN 2 stone to get to a 'healthy range', all that FOOD!!!!lol (sorry if you're a fan, I'm not being bitchy just think she's too thin to be healthy) Sorry I'm on day TWO of ss & feeling a bit weird & food obsessed!
Am thinkin really hard on this one and you know I can't think of anybody - how mad is that!!!!
I always fancied being petite like kylie and SJP but being 5foot 7 that is never going to happen is it?
I think maybe someone "normal" you know not been "hollywooded" so like kate winslet or something
i will need to have a long think about this one
Ok, brace yourselves for a mad one - Lulu!

I think she still looks really great, she is a fab role model and as she and I are the same height, I suppose technically it's possible. Unlikely, but possible!
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def Gwen Stefani, think she is so cool and would love to have a body like her's not stick thin, just right.
Ooh, there are soooo many! Lol!

Jessica Simpson has a cracking figure (I say this after watching Newlyweds at lunch time, lol), or Christina Aguilera (that is so not how to spell her name is it, lol). Whenever I watch Newlyweds or a Christina music video (or Britany Spears video for that matter!) I realise that one of them was born with my body - I was mistakenly given the wrong one! Argh! It's ok though, I'm working on getting it back ;)

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