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What day for class?

what would you say the best day of the week to go to get weighed would be?

I go on a wednesday and i think that is the best day as it gives you Thurs and Fri to be good and if you have a bad weekend you still have two days to get back on track.

Saying that, i think a Friday's would be a good day as it will gove you the motivation to be good on the weekend.
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I used to go to a Thursday class, was good for fixing weekend muck ups :)
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I like my Wednesday class. Good for pulling back a bit on the Mon to Wed if I feel like I've used more syns on the weekend.
I've been weighed on a Mon at WW before and hated it.
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I go on a monday, I agree with what you are saying about if you have had a bad weekend it gives you the chance to pull it back. There is a class nearer to me on a wed (that i used to go to) but I much prefer the consultant on a monday I don't feel she is as patronising. Another thing about a Monday weigh in is you know you are getting weighed on monday so that in itself kind of keeps you on track at the weekend.


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I go on a Monday and love it because as louisehj said it makes me cautious about what I do at the weekend-so if there's a big meal out/takeaway on offer I can't tell myself that it'll be fine because I have a few days to 'undo' the damage! I've got to be careful and make wise choices there and then, which really helps! I suppose there are pros and cons to all days really!!


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Mine is on a Monday, it does help stay on track over the weekend, I think if it was later in the week I might be more tempted to stray knowing I have time to fix it..


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Wednesday night here too! I like it, because I spend the first half of the week motivated to be good until WI, then the second half of the week motivated from WI/Image Therapy!
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I'm a Monday to which i like , as the others have said it is riskier to cheat on the weekends and makes you think.

I like Mondays again as i get some good news with my weight loss and it gets me of to a happier start of the week.:)

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