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What did you wear?

...to your first LL meeting?

I'm starting LL 05/01/09 and already wondering what to wear! Did you wear your usual clothes (in my case as baggy and shapeless as me!) or something streamlined so you could see the difference in photos, or something that was positively tight (in the hope it wouldn't be after a few weeks)?

Did you wear the same thing each week until it literally fell off?
When I was in SW, quite a few of us wore the same clothes week in week out (which I guess proves it wasn't producing much in the way of results).

Anyway, as you'll no doubt have your week 1 photos, I'd be interested to know (or even see!).
Sharon x
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I wore what fitted - just my normal clothes. It was a pair of shapeless trousers and a t shirt. I didn't do too fitted, but you do want to be able to see the changes. By the end you certainly won't be able to fit in the same clothes!

I've attached my original photos - day 1, day 100 and goal. This is where I've got to get back to!


Hi, I just wore jeans and a horribly baggy and shapeless grey top. You can wear what you want but you will find as you move through the program and are losing weight you will gain confidence and start to wear nicer clothes that show of your figure.

i looked awfull in my before photo but it has helped me thru some ruff times, when I feel like having a nibble on something I just look at the photo!


nearly there!! :)
i too wore what i always wore...i wanted to see the cathy i was back then in clothes i did wear everyday. there does be such a difference between the clothes in week 1 and week 14!! (mine are in album) but i used to wear black o neils and a t shirt EVERYWHERE and now i dont even own a tracksuit!!
Wow, the Incredible Shrinking Woman!
The thing that is really noticeable in your pics and those of other LL MiniMiners - apart from the weight loss and the smiley faces of course - is that you look so healthy - your skin is glowing!

You'll get back there soon!
For the first few weeks I wore the same thing so I would know the losses were accurate :D After that I wore whatever.

I am in my last week of RTM, and STILL have not received my BEFORE/AFTER pics!!!! lol

My LLC is invaluable. At some things. :D Email is not her strong point!!! :giggle: (in fairness to her, at the time (April '08) she was having PC probs....but come on!!! lol)

Getting closer and closer now for you!! I bet you are getting excited!


(Your pics are great Westie - keep an eye on them and you will be right back there before you know it!! ;))
Thanks guys. I made sure my flatmate took photos of me every month, even if the first few didn't show too much difference. In fact I might have to upload all of them to an album later, I've been avoiding them because I've put weight back on.

Emski, I'm afraid I don't look like that anymore - I moved house before completing RTM and there was no local LLC. That's why I need to start again (hopefully early Jan, but waiting for news from LLC).

I guess it shows the importance of following it through to the very end. Maybe others can go ot alone, but unfortunately I couldn't :(
I guess it shows the importance of following it through to the very end. Maybe others can go ot alone, but unfortunately I couldn't :(
Don't beat yourself up Westie - you had some changes that made the end of your diet a challenge.

Now you are going into it armed with the knowledge you didn;t have the first time, so will know what to watch out for.

I do believe in order to be successful for long term slimdom, is to follow it right the way through to RTM. The ONLY successful weight holders I have met - those who have maintained for a year or more, ALL completed RTM.

The others, who skipped RTM, are the ones who give me dirty looks and tell me I've lost too much weight. They say this because they put back on all their weight when they skipped RTM.

I really do believe it is vital. There are probably a small percentage that CAN do it on their own - I just haven;t met one yet myself.

So - chin up! THis year will be different for you. :)



nearly there!! :)
westie, like bl said u know where u went wrong the last time, u will do fab again hunni and get there this time. dont be to hard on ur self xxx
Its a good point the two people who I know did LL, both left before the end of foundation so didn't even get near to RTM. They have both told me not to go too far and also that its really really hard to keep the weight off, both have gained.
I politely answer that yes it will be challenge going back on food but I am following RTM and am sure I will succeed with that as I have with foundation (almost)

Westie you will get there again, dont beat yourself up, a house move is a big thing and if its too a new area its a life changing move so its understandable you gained. this time you will nail it!!
I wore (old Pete's) standard outfit, baggy jeans and a black shirt. I wore that for the first few weeks to WI as well.

Being a new Pete now, I'm wearing small fitted jeans and tshirts (which I finally feel comfotable in! :D ) and make sure I wear the exact same each week to make sure my WI is as accurate as possible.

Mind you, I think I'll have to change that soon, last week the other guys in my group told me "those jeans are hanging off your ar$e mate, go shopping already!" lol :p
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Thanks everybody, really helpful - and so amazing to see the changes you've all made.

BL - I am so excited! I love Christmas, but I'm almost wishing it away so that it's January and I can start!

Pete - OMG you are brave to put the shirtless pics on, but wow what a difference!

I have put up a few "life before LL" pics, although there are very very few pics of me as I have avoided the camera for years. Hope to be loving the lens by this time next year!
Do you normally wear the same clothes?

I think it's important to vary the clothes as you do in everyday life.
Maybe at the beginning wear something similar so you can see the difference, not too loose otherwise the weight loss will take longer to show.
If youe LLC doesn't take many photos either do it yourself or get someone in your group to do it for you.
The photos are a great motivator as well as acknowledge by looking at the pictures on here.
You will soon realise that LL is so much more than a diet and as your confidence and self-esteem improve you will want to wear brighter tighter clothes than show off your new figure and you'll lose about a stone a month so the old clothes won't fit for long!
Good luck.
Good question - I hadn't thought of what to wear.
I know what you mean about wishing christmas was over - I can't wait to get started in On Jan 6th!!!!!
daisy x


nearly there!! :)
itll be the best decision ye have ever made!! ok ye may not think it the first week, but i would never change my decision bout doing it!! xxx
I've decided

I've got an old skirt from Matalan, straight but stretchy, a generous 18. It looks awful at the moment precisely because it clings in all the wrong places!But I'll be able to wear it over the first few weigh-ins, and I'll find a cheap top in several sizes in the sales.
Good choice

It'll keep you going for the first month probably. Then you'll want to wear something different.
It's sometimes a bit like a fashion show at our group meetings because it's a safe place to experiment with new looks for us, colours become important again . Most of us started to ditch black for a while.
Oh and heels - don't get me started. I thought I'd given them up for life.
You know what I was trying on some clothes today and actually decided what Im wearing to my new developers group on Thursday (talk about fwd planning)!! I love clothes now - before I dreaded getting dressed in the morning!

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