What do I do now?!


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Hi everyone!

I am new to slimming world and have been doing the Extra Easy plan all week, with my first weigh in looming tomorrow! Eeeeeek!

I just wanted some advice on what happens from now? Am I right in thinking I go onto Red/Green days? What changes from Extra Easy?

Any advice would be great - thank you in advance
Charley x
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I replied to this!!! Seems to have disappeared...

You can try green and original days if you wish, but it's not compulsory. Many people just follow extra easy for their whole journey. Nothing changes at all, exact same plan. Good luck for tomorrow, I remember how scary my first weigh in was. Let us know how you get on x


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From what I'm hearing, most consultants prefer people to stick to Extra Easy. But basically you can do Extra East, Green or Original any day you like, any week you like. Just decide at the start of each day and stick to it all day (or decide when you do your weeks shopping list and working out meals for the week).