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what do people use their weekly points for????

This is the first week I will be using quite a few of mine as will be out on the weekend which involves alcohol and eating out so like you im quite nervous to use them as on my first week being last week I only used about 6 of them! I get weighed in on Monday afternoons so will soon see the outcome!


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I normally use a few each day to top up my daily points. At the weekend, they might be used for a night out at the pub, or if I am not going out I might make a higher point meal on a Saturday night and have a nice pudding on Sunday. Friday and Saturdays I might have a larger chocolate treat like a Ripple or Turkish Delight. All sorts of things really.
I use for mine extra pp thru the week, for a drink oR Chinese etc :D can usually manage these all using them :D

I used all mine last week and it was my 1st week and i lost 3.5lbs, after all ww wudnt give us them if it meant we would gain or anything like that :D
i treat myself to a chinese every saturday and usually dip in to my weeklies for that.

if i eat out i use my weeklies, don't tend to use them if i'm just cooking at home through the week.

i actually had my biggest loss on the week that i used all my weeklies, although i had done 3 big power walks that week with my daughter in her pram.


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It was my first week last week and used about 20 of them and still lost 5lb ! i haven't used any yet this week but will be doing so on sat when we go out for a meal.. will see what the scales say.. I am very sure though that they are there to be used.. xx


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I generally don't. I know they are there if I need them but tbh I just ignore them. I also know if I under point anything by mistake my buffer of the 49 will soak them up.

I'm not out often and very rarely drink so I guess it's easier for me to leave em.


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Was my first week on pp, I didn't consciously use them, instead they were a buffer most days just in case, and also I had a naughty cookie or 3 so I figured the weeklies can manage that! I love them!


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Don't panic about using them It works out at around an extra 1225 calories over the week and it takes over 3000 to put on a pound of weight. xxx
I use some of mine to top up my daily points if I go over. If I go out on a weekend for a meal or a drink I save them for that. If I am not going out I make a meal on a Saturday night and use some of them for that. Then we sit in the living room and eat it off a tray and pretend its a take away lol.
I use mine on weigh in day for a made up pitta sandwich or lunch in town (usually 12pp, don't really go over but still) and a tesco 5pp massive cookie and the weekend is a Chinese (usually) love my
Chinese and deserve a treat. Think you need to be realistic and I am. Weeklies are great. For that treat or pick me up ;) hope everyone uses there's as yummiliy (made up word) as I feel I do :)

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