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what do the police actually do to find a stolen car?

big bear

A bear on a mission!
Does anyone know?

I guess they've alot on so probably not alot.

The thing is I've got a sneaky suspicion who may've been involved. There is a young girl that's moved in about a year ago & she has all sorts of low lifes around. Since moving in lots of things have gone missing, normally in the flats we all look out for one another & you could leave something outside without it going missing.

She has late night parties & loads of people coming & going especially young guys in modified cars etc She's on her last warning with the council.

Obviously I know I can't accuse anyone but would you go up and ask if she's seen or knows anything as she's always out on her balcony late at night?

I'm guessing my little motor will never be seen again.

Do thieves normally sell on for parts?
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big bear

A bear on a mission!
I've no idea what the police do to find a stolen car.

But I do think cars are stolen to order & only time will tell whether yours was stolen for parts or something else.

It must be so awful for you how are you managing? Is the insurance company helpful?
Thanks hun, I'm ok just really annoyed but as I'm 5mths preggers trying not to get stressed. No news yet :( I've sort of resigned to the fact I'll never see it again.

Insurance have been fine so far....
I am sure they are stolen for parts.... mostly stolen for parts.

We had a limited edition Nissan Patrol stolen. It was dh's, pride and joy. It was one of the ones used for the Dakar races and had a huge fuel tank amongst other extras.

It was never found.Not long after it was stolen the police busted a gang who had the most fantastic electronic equipment. Things to open cars, things to start them etc. All the gang members were from underpriveliged countries and the cars were being stripped and shipped to these countries.

Our insurance never did pay out ! Our fault...the MOT was 2 weeks out of date and they used that to say the insurance was not valid. You know what I think of insurance companies so nuff said. We can not escape the fact that we had not got it done on the date it should have been done on regardless of the fact that we did have an appointment...........

We too were sure we knew who was involved and to this day I still think that. He is now wanted by the police.

I hope you get something resolved very soon B.B. it is so importanta you have your baby carrier.
If you have suspicions then tell the Police and they can look into it.

Your average car isnt stolen for parts, the majority of stolen cars are stolen by joyriders or opportunist theives.

Most arent stolen by professional car thieves either. and a lot do turn up having been abandoned somewhere, unfortunately if the car is dumped then it could be weeks before a member of the public phones and reports that its lying outside their house etc.

Your car number plate will be entered into the ANPR (Automatic number plate recognition) system and if it passes and ANPR police vehicle or camera the police will be alerted to where its just been

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