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What do you do on your birthday?

Becca Wecca

skinny minny here I come!
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Mornin' !!

Well, it's my birthday next Saturday and found out that my OH is taking me away for 3 days for it. Where I do not know yet!!

What do people do on special occasions like their birthday? Would it be best for me to save my syns up during the week (it'll only be a one off) so i can have a nice weekend. I don't want to feel restricted as I want to enjoy myself as much as possible.

What do people normally do? I know i won't lose weight that week but i'd like to aim for a sts rather than a gain

Thanks x
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Enjoy yourself, and maybe save up syns so you dont go too far over for the week as a whole. Its a one off, so im sure this would work!



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Thats what im doing. Im 30 tomorrow eeekkk!!! Boyfriend taking me for dinner which includes bottle wine tonight so have am having no syns today and plenty of fruit and veg. Will make good food choices tonight hopefully.
Tomorrow night my friends are taking me to the bar to watch the footie which will include some more alcohol! Will be having no syns again tomorrow to hopefully account for that.
Im having a party in the local bar on Saturday night which again will include alcohol and some iceland party food. However I am cooking all the food etc. so wont have time to eat any of it - at least thats the plan!!!


Fighting the bulge
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Either save up your syns or have a flexi-syn day.

Its your birthday and it only happens once a year so have as many syns as you feel comfortable with the result. For example if you are happy with STS have a good few flexi syns, if you are happy with a gain go mad, if you would only be happy if you lost save up some syns and be as good as poss

Hope this helps


Becca Wecca

skinny minny here I come!
S: 17st7lb G: 10st5lb
Thanks all!

I think I will save some of my syns up during the week, and try and not go overboard at the weekend but still enjoy myself :D

25...Gettin old!


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Wish you both a Happy Bday and do go out and enjoy yourselves!
I personally would save up my syns :)
You might find that SW is so indented in to your way of life that you pick a healthier meal...?!? I would try and save as many syns as possible though, just in case. Also, dependent on where you go, you might be able to fit some exercise in such as romantic walks etc! ;)


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Well i'm going to London for 3 days in April for my 30th and i won't be sticking to plan. Just going to enjoy the experience and eat where we feel like it. Then get back on it when i'm back


pink lady
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Its my birthday in two weeks, im not sure i should have my one and half stone sticker and i have slimmer of the week and slimmer of the month.... im thinking i'll be good and just stick to my syns x


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Ooooh we share a birthday, only I am 40 on saturday and intend to let loose!


a new way of living!
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:D it was my birthday last friday, and OH took me to Street (clarkes shopping village) and glastonbury on the saturday. we stayed in street. I had an ace time (I was 39). I made sure I had a good breakfast (skipped the fried bread!) so I wasn't hungry all the time, then I had a sensibile lunch, and on the evening I had a meal, whatever I wanted, and had either a starter or dessert rather than both, had a few drinks (one too many on my birthday! lol) and it looks like I have gained about 1bs, I am ok with that - as I just had fun and didn't really worry. back on track today.

You just need to decide if you want to challenge yourself to a loss, or have a little fun and sts or have a tiny gain. for me, fun wins :D


a new way of living!
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ps - Happy Birthday!!!!!!!! :bliss:

Devon Dolce

1lb at a time!
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Enjoy it! Happy Birthday xxx
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my con actually says when u go on holiday enjoy it and worry about it later cause its a special occasion. hun i'd eat what u want (without going mad and eating for the sake of it) u will probably find cause u have allowed yourself what u want u won't eat as much cause its not forbidden. its 3 days hun if u r good the rest of the week and stick to plan ok u might have a gain but its not gonna be massive and you only have one birthday a year.
i'm 30 this year and we r having a night in a hotel and taking kids out for 2 days and i will come off plan but because i know i can i know i won't go mad and i will contrate on having fun and not the food
happy birthday

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