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What do you do to treat yourself?


I was just wondering what other people do to give themselves non-food treats.

I'm enjoying lots of hot baths at the moment (last night was especially good - I took a book with me & an ice-cold bottle of sparkling water with a hint of orange flavouring.) When I came downstairs I curled up with a decaf coffee whitened with vanilla shake - bliss!

I'm not used to taking time out for myself & it all felt really indulgent. Any other ideas on how to reward yourself without food? xxx
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Hi Jessie, I'm going for lots of hot baths just now too and trying to be really indulgent - loads of bubbles, candles, etc. and nice body lotions afterwards - if nothing else it kills the time that I would previously have been in the kitchen raiding the fridge!

Have also bought lots of shoes, painted my nails (toes and fingers - different colour every night!) and spent time reading the posts on here - not really a reward as such but good for getting rid of any minor feelings of temptation!
I'm liking the sound of spa treatments, but I'll have to pass on the hair-do option - I've a major fear of hairdressers & would rather go to the dentist and have a tooth out!! Not my idea of a treat I'm afraid!

You've got me thinking about a pampering session as a reward for hitting my next goal though .... xxx
Shoes - why didn't I think of that???? It's not like I usually need an excuse! (I hate clothes shopping but love shoes) I think the body lotion is a good idea too, because I don't know if it's CD related or just the weather, but I've noticed my skin is getting really dry.

Dizzydeb, you're a genius xxx


Trying to stay healthy!
hi jess, i just went out in my lunch hour and treated myself to some new make-up and nail varnish, got to do something in that hour that doesn't involve food!!


I lurve lurve lurve bars
I think nails are a good one,they take ages to do(Ive been sticking little nail jewels on mine)Then they take ages to dry,so it takes up quite a bit of time
Cheers hun, never been called a genius before but I'll take that one! Have always overindulged in the shoe department because I too hate clothes shopping but unlike clothes, shoes always fit!

My skin has been really dry too which is another reason that I've went overboard on the body lotion recently, and i'm not sure either if its cd related or weather.

Like the nail jewels idea andju, guess what i'll be doing tonight when i paint my nails!!!!
Glad I'm not the only one with dry skin, I have loads on my forehead and may I say it looks very unattractive lol

I am going to have a long hot bath laters and then paint my nails, you have inspired me :) Thanks guys x

Sarah xx
Poor you Becky. Perhaps we could start a list of comedy ailments - I'm approaching totm & have got a huge spot between my eyes - I look as though I've been shot in the forehead! At least I don't have to worry about make up for halloween!!!

Susan, I think the belts idea is fab. Not only do you get great accessories, but it'll be a real boost to have to use a different notch after losing weight.

And yes - tonight I'm going to do my nails. I haven't done it for ages (and I don't have any jewels) but it'll be good to feel a bit glam (given my dry skin/spotty face situation - not feeling very gorgeous!!!)

I feel all inspired now. Thanks for the tips xxx :)


Gold Member
i have always taken loads of bubble baths but towards the winter this always goes up. of course i've just gotten out of the bath. i was so bloody cold that i had to get in one to warm up!! grrr. this diet rocks, but the side effects can be so annoying!! hee.

abz xx
Please dont tell the hubby but today I went into Boots and spent £140 on Benefit makeup and products :sign0007:
So thats how I give myself a treat :D

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