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What do you do when life conspires against your diet - sigh

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anyone else an emotional eater out there?! I have spent the day in turmoil and SW is the last thing on my mind right now :cry:.

At 2:45AM I got a call from the police to say that my 16 (nearly 17) yr old son was in the hospital and I had to call the A&E. I duly call to find that he's been rushed to the hospital with alcohol poisoning and has been in a serious condition (at one point they estimated that he had a 70% chance of dying), but they had managed to stabilise him. He was released this morning, still very drunk (for the life of me I can't understand why they let him go home in that state :confused:), and I have had to deal with either sobbing or aggressive behaviour from him all day (at one point I called the police he was getting that bad and their appearance seemed to calm him down).

I so want to lose this weight, but quite frankly, it is the least of my worries right now. I think I have probably eaten my own body weight in chocolate today :sigh2::ashamed0005:

P.S. I'm not a bad parent, I'm really not, but because of last night's events, I will now have to deal with the Dutch equivalent of social services too :cry::eek:
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I would challenge anyone to get through a day like that without caving in!! dont beat yourself up about it, sometimes family comes 1st, and you will get back on it.

Hope your son is ok too
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Sounds like you'd had a really shitty day, and i wouldn't fret.. this clearley isnt a reflection on your parenting skills, just a very bad situation to be put it!! .. dont beat yourself up over the amount of chocolate you ate.. let it go and move on :) good luck xxx


This is really the time!
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Sounds like life is a bit challenging right about now.

Your son doing a teenage thing certainly does not make you a bad parent. It makes him a normal teen.

SW is for life. That means that you can put it on the back shelf when life takes one of it's turns. But you know that you can go and W.I, assess the damage and carry on as normal.

My kids are not at teen age yet, so I can only sympathise. Sounds like you have handled the situaion well and done all the right things. I certainly would not have been counting syns in your position today.

Hope it get's better soon and remember to keep talking to us all on here. It may help you re-focus when you are ready xxx


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You poor thing! I have 3 teenagers and it is bloody hard work! Lol! Its not a reflection of your parenting skills, though as parents we are very good at guilt! but at this age they are testing and pushing bounderies-this may be a real wake up call for him. Relax from the diet point of view, try and stay away from the high cal stuff if you can, and when things have settles bite the bullet and get back to it. in the meantime come on here and let it out. xx