What do you do when you're tempted to eat or feeling hungry?


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So I was thinking, we've all got different ways of distracting ourselves when we're hungry or feel like eating, so I thought I'd post a thread and get you guys to share what you do so we can all get some new ideas, I know I need some!

I mainly have a bath or do my nails. It's pampering myself and it reminds me about feeling good, which is what this diet is for, it's why I'm doing it. So by eating it'll stop that. It often works for me. I can't have a bath and do my nails 5 times a day though, so on some days I might need other methods!!
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When I'm just hungry I just keep busy and chew gum but when I'm tempted to eat something bad for me, I usually go and look at cloths online or play with the virtual model thing and look at what I will look like when I'm all skinny!


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I clean or I chat on here, my favourite way to distract myself is it put Thomas Cook tv (or other holiday channel) on and look at the holidays - reminds me that I'm going away this year and I need to look good in a bikini (well as good as can be)... I also have my Nintendo DS surgically attached to my hands so that if my hands are ever free i distract them with that


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I got hungry for the first time tonight whilst I was cooking the kids tea, so I got right on the Wii and played tennis, I was so engrossed in winning lol, that I forgot I was ever hungry. I also made myself a huge glass of peppermint tea. So, the Wii it is I think! :)


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Yes I see what you mean about not being able to spend the whole day having a bath and doing a manicure, lol! Although when I first started CD in August 09, I had a shower in the morning and a bath at night, but then got worried about how much water I was using.

Window shopping via QVC (now there's a surprise!) or online, listen to music on headphones and have a little boogie, read books. I was buying a lot of trashy magazines but got fed up reading about Katie Price, Kerry Katona and Cheryl Cole so I won't go down that route this year but I could catch up on the gossipy side of current affairs on the internet I suppose.

Tidy up, drink black coffee, I'm not on facebook etc so I email friends and luckily one of my mates is nearly always around for banter (he's almost a full-time buyer/seller on Ebay)

Would like to wrap up and go out for walks as soon as winter weather permits. And I watch far too much TV when on CD but try to balance it with some cultural pursuits.

As more weight comes off I will do make-up practice sessions and trying out different clothes (I have many)

I have bought a few junior cross - stitch kits, I am not crafty at all but thought that would occupy me, still in their packets, if I start one now I might finish a little tapestry in time for next Christmas, he he! x


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Hmmmmmmm my hunger only really strikes of an evening as in the day I'm working with no time to feel hunger LOL

Usually I either go to bed v early or have another shake/ or coffe

They are my only three rescues


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I am only on day 6 so I am sure my list will change:D

So far I have:

Cleaned the whole place top to bottom!
Played Wii Fit
Had a ridiculous amount of baths I am permanently wrinkled!
Drank water water and more water!
Gone to bed early!


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I should get my wii out again really, haven't used it since July, whoops!! I went away working for a few months and didn't take it with me, then I moved house and it hasn't been unpacked and set up yet!