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What do you get for your weekly supply of CD shakes, soups, porridge and bars?

I get a porridge for every breakfast, I get 5 bars and 2 soups a week for lunches, and 7 shakes for tea! My absolute favourite shakes are choc orange and mint choc, and I have them both hot. I also really like toffee and walnut cold, and sometimes have that for lunch. The only shake I've not really enjoyed was Summer Fruits - it just tasted odd, like it couldn't work out what it wanted to be! I've tried the orange, chocolate and toffee bars and like all of them but orange is by far my favourite. I've got a cranberry to try and I fancy the idea of a crunchy one but saving it for the weekend. I want to try the peanut but it's not been in yet! I have liked all of the soups I've tried, but not loved them so may phase them out and just stick to the porrdiges / shakes / bars.
I have choc tetras and ummm that is it no other flavour at all, but I will occasionally have the bars - caramel, chocolate or malt toffee. I tried the porridge recently which was vile and I love the summer berry flavouring as there is no way in the world I would drink 4 litres a day without it.


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I have bars and shakes...

Choc mint, Choc, banana, strawberry

Bars I love the peanut and cranberry there like cereal bars and sometimes the caramel one - the chocolate one tasted like meat/plastic to me lol xxx
I have the choc tetras and make up half with boiling water to make a hot choc. I have one in the morning and one at night.

I have a porridge every day for lunch, either one as I like both.

And for tea usually a bar either peanut or cranberry, as they seem to satisfy me for longer. Sometimes I have a soup, P&L or mushroom, but not very often.

I do somedays have a snack of cooked meat, but not much and within the SS+ guidlines.

Not missing normal food as yet, although I find at work hard as everyone brings in cakes, biscuits and chocs, all the time, I now bring them home for my kids, don't feel I'm missing out then!


please try again
i get 21 choc mint shakes per week and a purse thats £39 lighter each week


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week one was a mix of shakes for me but next week Im going to have 7 bars and 14 shakes. Those bars are my bloody favourite which i chop up into mini mini cubes and chomp on throughout the day with a lovely glug of water.
I tend to stick to a mixture of vanilla and choc shakes/tetras (have some tetras in my car just in case I ever get stuck out) and tomato soup. I mix the shakes with coffee or mint tea depending on my mood; i never have them just alone .


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i am the porridge queen... i could have them as my 3 packs a day quite easy.. and my cdc has 5 of each ready for me each week as she knows that im going to be having them.. i dont know why, but i find them scrummY!!!
they are not that big though, so you do find yourslef licking the bowl to get it tall!!
ive liked all the shakes/soups, but im not as keen on the bars.. i will have the toffee, caramel, and the orange choc ones though. they are ok :)

Good luck!


Slowly but surely x
eeeew Kes, I tried the porridge yesterday and pretended I liked it but when I think back, I was trying so hard not to baulk! They are bloody awful. Isnt it funny how we all like different things even though we are all human?
I love the bars, especially the cranberry ones and the choc orange. I cut them into the tiniest pieces and save them for throughout the day. I find the grazing really does help on the bars.


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i do that with the bars also! :)

i didnt like the porridge the frist time i made it. but when i whized it first, adding hot water from the kettle (left for a min or two) and then put it in the bowl and microwaved it for a min and half, it was delish!


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I have apple and cinnamon porridge for breakfast, peanut or chocolate or caramel bar or leek and potato soup for lunch then have a chocolate or strawberry or fruits of the forrest or butterscotch shake made into mousse as a dessert for dinner following my ss+ meal! Works for both my husband and I :)

I have 7 mint choc (for breakfast), 2 chilli soup, 2 chicken and mushroom, 3 leek and potato, and a mix of chocolate, strawberry, cappuccino and vanilla shakes, plus one bar a week which I have on weigh in night as a "treat".

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