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What do you wear as you loose!!!

Try your local free-cycle website to see if anyone is giving them away for free. Or try charity shops.
its a tricky one. I didnt want to buy things as i went down the sizes but you feel so good when you get down to that next size that you end up buying things anyway! (well i did anyway!) i just made sure that i bought a few staple items - a pair of jeans, a pair of black trousers and one top.
oh yes ebay is a good idea. I just bought a few items from cheap shops such as tesco and new look. xx

Mrs V

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Shops like Bon Marche are cheap to get some stuff too.


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I have been trying to buy nothing at all - other than bras and knickers - I cannot stand baggy knickers & bras!

I am trying to make do with what I have that I can still wear without looking drowned in them.

Some of my clothes I have already sold on Ebay with more to go that way. Some I have given to the Charity shop and some I have just thrown out.

It is difficult, I know!!


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Buy 3 or 4 belts - as I shrink I intend to pull in my baggy smock style tops and dresses with a belt
If there was a reason for Primark existing, I think this is it!!
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In all honesty I have been spending money as I go down the sizes as I think I deserve it. I have taken great delight in buying so many new things these last few weeks but do feel a tad guilty that I am putting them in a charity bag a few weeks later. At least someone else will be getting the benefit of my next to new clothes:rolleyes:
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I made do for as long as possible but as I wore my clothes baggy to start with I had to resort to the shops. I have gone for the bare minimum, one pair of black work trousers and 7 T Shirt plus some trackie bottoms, grand total £62.



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I have bought new but kept to the basics too, couple of pairs of jeans, couple of tops, couple of knitwear and black trousers, didnt cost a lot, went to New Look and Dorothy Perkins. Will do me till I get into a size 14 which will hopefully be within the next 4 weeks?


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Belts. My trousers are below my buttocks without (!! looks great haha) and ive got another 7-10lbs before i fit my "slim" clothes again. But I'm going to lose more weight than that, so it'll be a shopping spree at goal - until then, just making do with what i have.
Ida xx
lol i was going to say; one word. PRIMARK
gotta love it :)
Although I've bought myself a really expensive pair of size 12 trousers (£50 is expensive for me!) currently, i can barely get them over my knees, but thats determination for you.
I did find the expression of the lady in the shop funny when i tried them on and bought them (as it quite obvious they wouldn't fit-me being a 16/18 at the time!)
I tried on a pair of victoria beckhams jeans today in the thrift shop where I volunteer..

There too big...... Gutted as there brand new,tagged and only £30 Boo hoo

I have a fewpairs size 16 jeans, short leg, I cut the bottoms off and fray them a tiny bit.
If anyone can make use I`m happy to post if you pm me your address..
I have so many clothes going through the sizes as I put weight on that thankfully I don't have any trouble - so I'm wearing all my old stuff. Good to hoard sometimes :D. I tend to buy really good suits for work and then go to the other extreme of really casual stuff and I have loads of pairs of jeans in different sizes.

I didn't throw stuff out as I always knew I would get into the right frame of mind eventually and get back into the things. I decided to have a clear out last week and gave away anything that was too big for me as I know I will never need them again. I ended up trying on loads of stuff and fell in love with a lot of clothes I hadn't worn in a while all over again. I'm not looking forward to them becoming too big for me now - but I guess that's better than being a fatty!

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