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What do your friends and family think about CD?


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i have come up against a few mixed feelings about the CD...and just wondered if everyone else had any tales to tell?

My best friends wants me to lose weight (point scoring over her SIL oddly enough) but hates the diet! She is a nurse and said its not healthy....so i laughed and told her my BMI isnt bloomin' healthy either!!!

Where as my hubby is fully supportive and thinks its a great way of cutting your emotional ties with food!

Me, i adore the diet! I like how honest it is...i have spent a long time getting fat, and CD doesnt try to pretend that ' a little bit of what you fancy does you good'....if i was good at the 'little' bit, i wouldnt be fat!

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Dad couldnt give a monkeys, mum is happy that I lost weight. Gran was scared to death but happier now i'm on 1200 and eating more. Brother is on the diet himself, sister is a gym freak so moans about it and goes on about healthy eating and exercise. Havnt told to much to friends, they just have the opinion that whatever it was it works. :)


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My family and partner are supportive, my friends are curious (not that any of them need it!) but my nan would go ape if she knew - last time I seen her I got a lecture about eating properly (and that's when I was still eating lol)


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my partner is very supportive, was a bit wary at first but he sees how much happier I am now and how much more energy I have. People at work who I have told and my friends are supportive, not sure if they think otherwise and are too polite to say anything! ( u English peeps are very polite, I love it!) and my mum is cool with it, although she did go through a phase of asking if I am getting enough roughage and if I'm "regular" which is such a mum thing to ask!

Only one of my friends who said anthing was when I was saying I am brassic as CD is expensive, she was like "I find that hard to believe as you aren't eating anything!!" I was like "if I hadn't eaten anything for 4 months or thereabouts I would probably be dead!"

Just ignorance from her about the diet really!


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Husband - supportive
Mum - bit worried but keeping a close eye. She's happy though I'm not diabetic
Friends - Those that know not too bothered as far as I know, ceratinly not said anything to my face anyway if they are.

Thats it really. Tend to get more resistance from people at placement (all nurses) telling me healthy eating and exercise is the way forward.


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Husband very supportive, anxious at first but quickly convinced as he saw my energy levels soar and that I was happy with the journey. Kids (teens) supportive if amused, call my CDC my 'dealer' as she comes and hands over strange packages in exchange for money.

Elderly mum, unsupportive at first, 'you're just meant to be big, it comes from your dad's side' (she is tiny) and plying me with cream cakes on daily basis. TWO boxes of chocs from her for Xmas. Two!!!!! But now, though she still tries to make me eat biscuits etc, she says she is proud that I have succeeded. (Complicated woman, best not to go there!)

Friends: best friends, all faraway, very supportive & understanding.
local friends, haven't spelled it out for most of them, just said I was dieting, & they are fine with this & impressed with results so far. I told two local friends about Cambridge... one very supportive and one sabotaging & mean, began saying nasty things behind my back (she will look AWFUL... her face will DROP... her bones will SNAP...) then abruptly ended friendship on pretext that my husband had met her ex (his friend) for a coffee & we were therefore disloyal. !!!!

With friends like that... I guess CD is a journey of discovery in more ways than one!



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Husband - worried at first but after a week or two very supportive and he is also telling me how very proud of me he is and how much will power i must have etc and he helps me so much want to stick to it 100% because of how supportive he is.

Mum - Totally fine and is thinking of starting her self loves to hear my weekly weigh in results and is benifiting from my bigger size clothes heehe

Sisters- one really supportive, one thinks i will gain the weight stright back and it's stupid,

friends- very supportive expect one who is now not my friend as i soon learnt i was her "fat friend " the one who made her feel better about herself ... now i am losing weight and not classed as "fat friend material " any more our friendship just vanished very strange

i never thought i was someone's fat friend if you know what i mean it was a real shock when i realised losing weight was causing negitive reactions maybe if any of you are experiances this i would look at the friendship ,

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My partner is extremly supportive as he did SS with me last year, so he knew what to expect. He is flowing with compliments as I'm losing weight. Although I think he's eating enough for both of us at the moment to make up for me being on CD.

Dad is doing his own heathly eating diet plan so we're supporting eachother. He just thinks I'm mad about diets anyway!!

My sis, who's wedding I'm cheif bridesmaid at in Nov, said she's putting weight on!!! She's tiny and very narrow but really pleased for me that I'm losing weight and it's making her start swimming again.

My family basically are happy that I'm happy and I can't wait to see them in Dublin early June so they can see my weight loss whern i'm over with them.

Only told a few good friends who are all happy for me, some have concerns for after the diet, but nothing I haven't thought about myself. Funny when others bring up concerns we've already had, we defend the diet till the end!


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I don't think my husband understands the concept of having emotional ties with food. Maybe if I told him about my secret binge eating (which I hope remains in the past) then he would understand, I do plan to tell him sometime.

Mum- not very helpful, keeps saying it's not healthy that I'm not eating etc... but she's a bit better now

decided not to tell my friends and I'm on maternity leave so a couple of people from work know but I hardly see them.

I think the best reply to someone (and I read this on minimins) if they say the diets not healthy just say "well, its better than being x ammount overweight! "


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I find everybody is supportive and very curious but most off all, what i hate, is when people ask how im doing and i tell them "18lb's in 2 weeks" they say "Oh, thats a bit too quick, slow down girl" DO THEY NOT REALISE, THAT THIS IS WHY WE ARE ON THIS DIET...TO LOOSE WEIGHT FAST....AND GET HEALTHY! They really do my head-in when they say that.


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Everyone's been really supportive actually. There's been a few concerns just because it's such a low calorie diet, but when I've explained it and said that I'm going to be careful and just take it week by week and if at any point I feel it's actually not doing me any good then I can and will stop. I'm glad they're concerned and ask questions though, I know I did when I first looked at it and it shows they care!


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My husband is very supportive he is loving seeing the new me.. and me liking myself again .

My parents are very supportive. they are both very slim and very healthy so want me to be slim and healthy too.

My brother is also doing cd and we motivate each other which is fab he has done so well..

My sisters are supportive, well one is. the other could do with losing a few pounds tried cd but only had one shake and said it wasnt for her.

Most of my friends are sooooo supportive . The amount of message and compliments I am getting are unreal. not good with them. but its still really nice.. Some people say negative things but thats where we are going to prove them wrong.

Overall everyone very supportive x


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My boyfriend is being really good. He doesnt like eating on his own but hes just going to have to get used to it! He keeps telling me he's really proud of me (even though I've only been on it a week!)

My sister pulled a face and asked my why I was going on it as it would be a waste of time. She did Celebrity Slim and couldnt last a week so it might be a bit of jealousy because I can stick at something longer than she can. She keeps asking me if I've cheated, shes always a bit negative though so I just ignore her.

My dad thought it was a good idea and keeps telling me I'm doing well and to ignore my sister. He's always told me I needed to lose weight but sometimes no matter how often someone reminds you your not going to do anything about it until your ready.


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My husband is very supportive and is now on CD himself.

My parents are supportive, my mum was a Practice Nurse and used to manage patients who were on Lipotrim when they issued it at the doctors surgery so knows all about it.

Only told a couple of friends who are supportive and/ or curious. Work friends and boss are also supportive.

Everyone seems really keen for me to succeed - but I do limit the conversations I have with people about it. I ensure they know I thought long and hard about starting the diet, am 100% committed and not interested in negative comments, and mainly that that I am doing this for me - end of conversation!! I don't think I come across this tough in real life ;)
Ooo for me...
My partner and I are seperating, but he is still very supportive and tells me I'm looking good... i think my new found confidence maybe intimidates him a bit though...
My children... they are young teen girls (apart from my young son) and I was keen to ensure they understood why I am doing this.... They now all talk about the choices I am making and today i got three phone calls asking about todays loss :D (don't ya just love mobiles in schools!!!)
My sister (the only one of my siblings I have told) is very supportive and exicted for me.. she is a natural size 10 and is saving up to take me on a shopping spree when I am at goal :)
My best friend 1 who is on SW is envious but supportive
My best friend 2 insulted me today by cutting me off mid conversation when I told her I had had another good week... after she told me how expensive CD was!!
I havent told anyone else as I am going to a party in July and a party in August with people I havent seen in many years (some of whom bullied me at school... (oi fatty!!! who would ever go out with you!!)... So want to be wearing a classy dress and be sexy when I see them... and then be indifferent to them!!

S: 12st1lb C: 10st5lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 22.7 Loss: 1st10lb(14.2%)
Husband very supportivve, always complimenting me on my changing figure and helping me to stick to it.
Family concerned but don't really listen when I explain it.
Work friends thought I was mad at first, but as time goes on they are getting curious!
My boyfriend is trying to understand although he is from Africa and can not understand why you wouldn't want to eat and what is the matter with my size (bless him) ;)

Most of my friends are also preety supportive


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my partner has told me that i wont stick to it which has made me more determined to want to do it.my mum thinks its silly but the rest of my family are being supportive and i havent told any friends yet gonna wait for someone to say " you have lost wait" then tell them.


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My boyfriend is trying to understand although he is from Africa and can not understand why you wouldn't want to eat and what is the matter with my size (bless him) ;)

Most of my friends are also preety supportive
My husband and his family are the same. they are from pakistan and if you are a bit fat , you are healthy. HHHMM. It is very hard to get their support but hubby himself understands (still doesnt get the no food at all thing but tries)... my 15 year old daughter is very jealous of me as she wants to lose weight but i wont let her use CD (she doesnt have much to lose) my 12 year old loves me losing and is my greatest support. i havent told any of my friends about CD(just hubbys friends, who hate diets altogether) and I dont know why. maybe hasnt come up in conversation yet? Im sure with the results and when they see how much better I feel, they would support me and maybe even admire the determination. My Doctor is very supportive!!!


WILL be Slim!
S: 14st0lb C: 13st7lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 30.5 Loss: 0st7lb(3.57%)
its so nice to hear of all the support you are all getting...myself included in that i suppose!
I feel lucky that i also have the best cdc in the world who puts up with a lot of texts while still finding my feet!

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