What dress size at what weight?

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  1. Angelchops

    Angelchops Full Member

    I know we are all different, and shop sizes vary a lot, but Im really interested in approximately what dress size people are at what weight.

    Im average height - 5'6 and I can't wait to be able to buy clothes from normal shops, in their normal ranges. What kind of weight are people when they can fit comfotably in a size 20? I'm sure Next goes up to this size.
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  3. Sambucca

    Sambucca Gold Member

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    Hi Angel

    Im 5'7 and I think Im one of those lucky people that carry weight quite well, as Im 14 stones but can comfortably wear a size 16 and some size 14's.

    When I started out I was 18 stone 1lb, and I was a 20/22.

    Next does go up to a 22 I think.

    Hope that helps.
  4. fat_2_fabulous

    fat_2_fabulous Silver Member

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    hii yeh im 12 9 and i have a few size 12s, 14s and 16s!!!i like to say 12-14 tho lol xx
  5. SoonToBeGorgeous

    SoonToBeGorgeous Loving the Cambridge Diet

    Cambridge Plan
    I am 5' 6" tall and I currently weigh 17 st 8lbs and can wear a size 20 with no problem. In some places an 18 fits me.

  6. Busybee

    Busybee Silver Member

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    sizing is weird, if you ever shop in places like Primark ( sorry to bring the tone down) their sizes are really small so when they say 18 take that to mean 16 and so on.
    I am 5"6 and now can wear a size 18 in most places but did fit into a pair of jeans from MK1 that are a 16 - my happiest moment so far until my daughter mentioned MK1 sizes were cut bigger - I could have happily throttled her!!!!
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  7. Sam

    Sam Banned

    I think it is very difficult to say what dress size people are at what weight. It depends a lot of how tall you are. For exemp├╝le I have a friend who weighs almost the same like me, but she ist much taller than me. So actually she doesn't really look overweight-I would even say that her weight is perfect compared to her size, but unfortunately I still have to lose quite much weight :-(

    TIFFERS Full Member

    Cambridge Diet
    Im 5"6 and 13.11 and im a 16 - 18

    TIFFERS Full Member

    Cambridge Diet

    Oi I like Primark!! :D and I find there OVER sized - I supposed it depends where you carry your fat to what size you are. I'm a kinda all over spread kinda thing where as some people get big bums or bellies or legs
  10. slushy

    slushy Silver Member

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    slimming world

    i am 5.2 and I THINK about 10st3lb ( weigh in thursday )
    i havent bought any clothes at all since i started at 12stone but all i can say is that my size 14s and 16s fall clean off

    ( well it keeps strangers in the street happy lol )
  11. Musical Missy

    Musical Missy Full Member

    Well I must carry my weight EXTREMELY well! I'm currently 14st 11 (probably less now to be fair as that was last Friday!) and 5ft 4" and I'm a size 16/18 on the bottom and a size 14/16 on the top.

    Suppose I shouldn't moan about that really (despite the fact I would much rather have significantly smaller thighs and calves (where I carry most of my weight sadly) but it would be nice to be the same size top and bottom!

    Oh well - maybe by Christmas my bottom half will have started catching up with my top half - fingers crossed!

    MM x
  12. dropsofjupiter

    dropsofjupiter Lurks a lot

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    I am 5ft 2ins tall, and am about 13stone 5. I am somewhere between a 16-18. Especially on my bottom half. Saying that, I have on a pair of size 16 trousers today, adn they are hanging off me - I might be able to get into a 14 of this style, but I ahv a pair of 16s at home that fit well, and yet more that I cant even squeeze into.

    Like everyone else has said, I suppose it depends on what shape you are, and where you buy your clothes from!

    Not much help, am I???
  13. slimforlive

    slimforlive Full Member

    Slimming World
    I'm 5'3" and 10.7 , and I'm in size 12 bottoms! can't believe it! Still need 14-16 tops as (thank god) I still have my boobs, and clothing shops don't seem to cater for size 12's with boobs! lol
  14. Angelchops

    Angelchops Full Member

    Sooooo jealous SoonToBeGorgeous. I am the same height as you, and just 3lbs heavier and I would say I am a comfortable size 24 - Im just beginning to find things loose round the waist and even bought a pair of size 22 trousers yesterday. I do have a top from Tescos (one of those soft feel jumpers) and its a size 26 and still way too small.

    Thankyou everyone for your answers, and keep them coming - I'm fascinated and its really inspirational for me
  15. spooky

    spooky Banned

    I am 5' 7", currently weigh in the region of 13 stones and wear size 12's
  16. rade

    rade try, try & try some more!

    This is a really interesting post!!

    I am 5ft 9" weight pretty even all over!! at the moment before weigh in at about 15st 3-4 maybe!! (fingers crossed!!)

    Got a pair of 14 jeans in new look the other day, high waist band quite flairy, almost fell over in shock!! :eek:

    There a little snug but as i'm on the way down didn't wanna get a 16 as i'm a little strapped.... my 18's fell virtually clean off over ma hips!

    About 2-3 years ago when i was about 11st 10lbs i was in a 10 occasionaly a 12...

    I have always 'weighed' alot heavier than i look, if that makes sense!! Not an excuse or big bone syndrome!! lol :rolleyes:

    Whenever i've been weighed for medicals etc people are always visibly shocked and say i look 2-3 stone lighter than i weigh... this of course is no consilation when you're 17st +

    I once had a nurse march me into a doctors office, whilst they were with a patient!!, and weigh me again coz she thought her scales were wrong... then blurted out - OH YOU ARE 17st 9lbs!! Needless to say i was a tad embarrassed in front of the Doc and the foxy patient with him!!

    Anyone else found this?

    We are all such varied and wonderful shapes!!! :D
  17. sazzy34

    sazzy34 Gold Member

    cambridge diet / weight watchers
    I am a 5ft short arse lol

    When i weighed 15.4 I was wearing a 22 bottom and 24 top.

    Am now 10.6 (last wi) and I am a 14 bottom, can get in some trousers that are 12`s but its the breathe in and hold your tummy in all day technique, you know what I mean ladies lol ( wiil drop a few more lbs before wearing them out in public)
    and i`m a 14-16 top, still got my boobs but they have gone from a 38ff down to a 34 e.
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  19. maid marrion

    maid marrion Full Member

    cambridge sole source
    Hi I am 5ft 4" weigh 15stone and I am a size 20/18
  20. Dancing

    Dancing Gold Member

    rade, can't say I've had your experience but it made me laugh.

    I'm 5ft 10 (and a half), 15 stone 5lb and size 16 (and 18 too in some things but I'm saying I'm size 16)
  21. Gemma

    Gemma Gold Member

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    I'm 5ft9 and 13.6 stone, I am between a 16/18 on the bottem and a 16 on top, have only lost about half a dress size despite nearly losing 2 stone
  22. Dancing

    Dancing Gold Member

    gdolley it must be going to drop off you soon - has to!
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