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What dress size, what weight?

S: 19st9lb
Hi everyone!
After losing 4 and a half stone I'm now 14 and a half stone, tight size 16 on the bottom and baggy size 16 on top.
I want to figure out roughly what weight = what size!
Can you all say what weight and dress size you are to help me shed some light on this?
When I was almost 19st I was size 22/24- scary stuff looking back!
I just need the motivation to see when I'll fit into size 12s!

Thanks xxx
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Hu hun how are you?! I dont think really think its much use wondering about size as its totally dwn to the individual. I am now 11st 6lb and a size 14 and im sure lots of people could be a smaller size at my weight as i am quite big framed. Big well dont by the way xxx


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well im 12st 1lb im 5ft 7 and im a size 12 now!


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Lady you have just proved my point hun! You weigh a bit more than me now and you are a smaller size xx


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Seriously :confused: how is that eh!!!
Everyones different tho i suppose
S: 19st9lb
God tracy from ooking at your pic i thought you were about a size 10!!
Well done!
Yeah you're all right, it does depend on height, shape etc!
I just don't know what size i want to be!


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Yeah exactly, i am a size 12 top and 14 bottom and am 11st 6lb. 5ft 9 (giant apparently!) All depends on our individual frames xxx


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Lol i am the size 10 for big framed people!! xx
jolly green lol
Did you like my little dig Gaz? xx
:)how weird i have been thinking the very same thing all week bout dress sizes.. i need some new bike clothes and am tempted to send for what i have seen and love before it sells out ... would like to order in a size twelve ... but scared of tempting fate in case i dont get there ... i am now 11st 5 lbs and now a size 14( yipee) and 5ft 4 ins ..and so yeah i was thinkin the same as you daisyhappy... and yep it all depends on frame and height ... so i think i should just be a little patient.. eh ...you know what we are like girls tho when we see something we want!!!:D sharon.x
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S: 14st1lb C: 8st10lb BMI: 23 Loss: 5st5lb(38.07%)
Agree it can vary so much from person to person, I'm 8st 11 and a size 8/10.



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G: 68kg
10 st 2lb size 10 5ft 7 :)

its a great feeling!!! dont forget to also take into consideration frame size too..(ive very small wrists/hands and have a small/medium frame)

h x


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My friend who lost over 3 st with LT is about the same shape as me so i brought her clothes shopping with me the other day, she tried on all the stuff i liked ta see if they'd fit when im at goal lol i hope they do now


Desires to be slim....

Started size 16/18 bottom & 16 top - 5ft 9ish - 14st.1

Currently size 12/14 bottoms & 12 top - still 5ft 9 (LOL!) - 12st.8 (according to last week WI)

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