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What extra touches does your cd counsellor do that has helped your journey?

So I am a huge fan of CD and because of this I am thinking of becoming a counsellor myself once I get to goal!

So this got me thinking about what things I could bring to the table that would help someone elses journey on CD!

So I thought I'd ask the question; What does your CD counsellor do for you that has helped your journey on CD? Or even what things do you wish they did that they don't?
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My CDC has those fat blobs. I know a lot do but when I see them it makes me realise how well I have done!
what fat blobs??


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They are like plastic blobs that are the same size and weight as 2lb or 5lb. They are yellow and have litle red bits in like viens. they are pretty yucky but seeing and holding how much 5lb of Fat is, is really encouraging!
Ooooh that sounds like a fab idea!


This is the last time!!
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Mine is lovely but INCREDIBLY busy, and as I go at the same time as my friend it is a mad rush, as we both want to ask things.
So I guess my request would just be to have a proper alloted time with no interruptions so we can talk through how the week was and stuff.
yeah maybe if you go with your friend you should get a larger slot?

Mine only measured my waist and not other areas and didn't take a starting photo.... so those are things I want to make sure I incorporate!

Thanks for the link Linda! God they look gross don't they!!! ha ha!


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Mine is the most lovely person I could have wished for (she doesn't come on here so this isn't butt kissing!LOL).
She did a before photo of me and will do one hopefully when she gets back next week as I'm exactly half way through then another when I'm done. She not only weighs me every week but measures me, at my request and she told me whatever I need to get me focused. She lets me buy my packs a months supply at a time because I'm useless at budgeting. Finally she gave me her only copy of CD recipe book to keep before I went on holiday to help me work up through the steps and she's given me free MAM's.
Like I said, she's lovely!:D
wow, she does sound fab! :)
What I love about mine is that she is entirely 'human' - she is never judgemental and always understanding.

In fact I am going to apply to the Pope to have her canonized!!


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This is a really interesting thread.. its good to see how different cdc's are.. personally i love my cdc to bits.. like you fatpossum.. shes never judgemental.. and i like how i can talk to her about anything.. shes fab..

x x


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I dont really have alot of time with mine, she weighs, measures, gives me my bits n pieces. I do wish she'd give me more 'advice', but thats why i like minis so much.

One thing she does do which 'shocks' me abit (in a good way!) is that she puts on the scales the weight ive lost, in the form of the big packs of tetras etc and makes it up 2 exactly what ive lost, then i have 2 pick it up. Apart from last time she made me pick it up, and i hurt my back real bad! lol But it showed me what extra weight id been carrying around with me 4 a number of years!!!

I do think my cdc believes in me tho, i believe that she believes i can do it, and whenever i say ive bought new clothes, which is only twice, shes said, oh dont go buyin anymore, they wont fit u! So i no she believes in me, which is good, cus as alot of u will have experienced, theres many many more people who DONT believe u can do it!!! Im 21, and i believe that she wants to see me succeed cuz she nos how much better my life could be.


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