What flavours do you recommend?

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  1. ApplySomePressure

    ApplySomePressure Silver Member

    Just wondering from all the people who are on CD what kinds of soups & shakes you would recommend?

    Not sure what to choose to start with. How do they taste, are they alright or are they really artificial? I'll force them down either way, just trying to get an idea of what i've let myself in for!
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    THAI CHILLI Full Member

    I love fruits of the forest,banana,vanilla shake and soup i prefer chicken and mushroom, tht what i like so far i don't know what others will recommend
  4. Mat

    Mat taking control (again)

    It's not easy to go by other peoples recommendations. What one person loves, another person may hate. I originally steered clear of the Toffee and Walnut and the Vanilla shakes, as I heard a few horrible things about them. But I decided to try them in my 2nd week and found out I like them. So I now like all the shakes. I enjoyed the Vegetable soup and also the Tomato soup. The Oriental Chilli soup was okay, but not as good as I had hoped.

    I would suggest trying them all for yourself to work out what you like and don't like. Most CDC's tend to offer an exchange on any unopened sachets, just in case you don't like certain flavours.
  5. ApplySomePressure

    ApplySomePressure Silver Member

    Thanks for the replies, I will try the ones you have said. Now i've decided to do it I wish I could start now instead of waiting until next week when I see my counsellor!
  6. Purple Hugs

    Purple Hugs Loves weight.. training!

    I don't like the soups plain, apart from spicy tomato.. so add my green and white (ss+) to my soup (veggie or broccoli and cheese). I add curry powder to the veggie too as it makes it a bit like curry with veggies and quorn added.
    Should add that I'm vegetarian :)

    I loved fruit of the forest 'last time' I was on CD.. but am not overly fussed by them this time.. not sure why! lol maybe I had my fill.

    I am loving the chocolates (mint, orange and normal) :) with lots of ice blended and a straw I can kid myself it's a McD's milkshake! ;) Same with Banana and strawberry... also use hot water with banana and choc's ;)

    I LOVE porridge with apple every morning.. that's my set breakfast. :)

    What I would say, is to try one of everything and then you'll know.. but buy some spares in case you really can't bear to eat it! lol
  7. bingbong

    bingbong Full Member

    Hey, good luck with CD!
    I also suggest that you buy some extras, that way if you are hungry before you get into ketosis you can have an extra shake and not something worse! And it gives you choice.
    I loved the strawberry at first, but now really don't like it. My favourite is vanilla, which is odd as I normally hate vanilla, it tastes like yummy ice cream. I also like chocolate, especially made with hot water. Banana is a little fake tasting, but I fancy trying it hot!
    I love the porridge, I like the origional one most, I have it with a sweetener tablet and when it is cooked I spinkle a little cinnamon on...yum. Have it for dinner every night.
    I also love the bars but you aren't there yet!
    Good luck, and once you get through the first few days it gets way easier!
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  8. biltsy

    biltsy Peggy McParrot

    would ditto what most people said, get a real mixture and have a good few spare.
    in my first week i tried the spicy tomato and it was foul, seems you either love em or hate em with some flavours.....some of the shakes i prefer hot than cold, and am on week 5 and gone off strawbeery big time, but appartently this happens a lot..
    even the ones you think sound yuck are normally ok too.

    good luck with your start next week

    biltsy x
  9. catssseyes

    catssseyes Team 1 all the way!

    I had a mixture of everything the first week.
    I just can't get on with the soups- to me they taste so artificial and just like plastic, so I steer clear of them.
    Anything chocolate is great, but now I tend just to have porridge, choc tetra bricks and the malted toffee bars. Boring, but gets me through!
    Everyone is different, so try everything and see what you like. Good luck!
    Helen xxx
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