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what food do you miss

S: 18st12lb C: 10st2lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 22.2 Loss: 8st10lb(46.21%)
Thick white bread with butter, full fat coleslaw, proper hot chocolate, lemon and poppy seed muffins... I'd better stop there!
S: 72kg C: 31.2kg G: 60kg BMI: 12.6 Loss: 40.8kg(56.71%)
Big bakery cookies. Oh and a nice warm white baguette with butter and cheese.
S: 17st9lb C: 17st0.1lb G: 12st2lb BMI: 36.2 Loss: 0st9lb(3.62%)
Peanut butter. I love me some peanut butter.


Silver Member
S: 15st2lb C: 9st6lb G: 9st9lb BMI: 21.3 Loss: 5st10lb(37.74%)
Peanut butter. I love me some peanut butter.
This! I know I can still have it in moderation, but I don't want a tablespoon spread on a crispbread, I want half a jar slathered on a huge doorstep of granary toast!
S: 19st1lb C: 15st7lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 37.2 Loss: 3st8lb(18.73%)
toasted sesame seed bagels with loads of butter. And Ben & Jerrys. mmmmm
S: 15st2.5lb G: 12st7lb
I really thought I'd miss pizza but I don't! It's only the social stuff I miss - been able to have nibbles/wine etc at friends' houses and on nights out etc. I do use my syns for wine sometimes but prefer to incorporate them into meals etc.
S: 12st9.5lb C: 10st12lb G: 10st1lb BMI: 26.9 Loss: 1st11.5lb(14.37%)
Mine would have to be home made or cream cakes and fresh jam doughnuts, and Indian takeaway with everything (though i confess i do have one occasionally on weigh in night) and pizza x
S: 17st9lb C: 17st0.1lb G: 12st2lb BMI: 36.2 Loss: 0st9lb(3.62%)
I also miss M&Ms. They're just not worth it syn wise but they're so good.
S: 17st4lb C: 9st12lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 23 Loss: 7st6lb(42.98%)
I don't really miss anything... yet! I'm sure as time wears on, I'll feel the lure of a nice white baguette a bit more forcefully :D
S: 18st5lb C: 15st13lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 37.1 Loss: 2st6lb(13.23%)
Proper takeaway pizza, m&m peanut, ben and jerrys ice cream, bacon sandwiches in thick white bread with lots of butter :rolleyes:
S: 12st6.6lb C: 12st0.4lb G: 11st6.0lb BMI: 27.2 Loss: 0st6.2lb(3.55%)
I miss crumpets with lots of butter too .. and bags of revels, fish and chips from the chip shop and a cake with my coffee from Costas ... the list could go on!!!


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S: 16st7lb C: 16st4lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 37.9 Loss: 0st3lb(1.3%)
I miss sitting down to eat a giant platter of pate, various cheeses, different types of ham with a crusty French baguette. But I also remember that that's partially how I got to be the size I am!

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