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What got you through your dietchallenges this week?


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Am so chuffed have had 2 nights away from home this week Wednesday in Leeds and Friday in London....sat through people eating some of my most fave food....nachos.....curry.....pasta.....cheescake and drinking wine....How did I do it ....I planned it....visualised it....and pictured me getting through it. I had my flapjack and water and just revelled in being told how much weight I had lost and how they couldn't do it :D
What diet challenges have you got through this week?
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a new way of living!
keith had a chinese tonight and left some, it smelled lovely! but i avoided it anyway - how i did it? told him to hide it before i came downstairs! :D
My House mate came home with a McDonalds.. Hated him for it, he came at sat on the sofa next to me...

I think he does it deliberately to see if he can break me. the git!

My mum and niece had a McDonalds....the smell almost killed me.
It's like punishment.. isn't it. And my other flatmate cooked up a full Roast Chicken with ALLLLL the bells and whistles... stuffing, gravy, tats, the works.. I was absolutely GUTTED..

But so happy I resisted.
I baked cakes for my newphews and oat cakes for hubby for work next week didnt have a crumb ... phew x
ive had a chicken salad with cous cous and a couple of beers for tea.................sorry :)


a new way of living!
well i did enjoy my haddock and veg as my meal a day ;)

you can keep the beer f2t, think i'm staying t-total now... (till I have a cigar that comes with cravings for congac!!) ;)
I'm ok today, must be slowly going into ketosis, but cooking for the family is hard. I was painfully hungry yest, while cooking macaroni cheese lol(i make heavenly cheese sauce).
I've got 4 little ones so just have to get on with it!!
I admit i avoided the cinema last night tho, i really wasn't in the mood, & i'm used to having my favourite sweets there!

I'm only on day 3 so lots of temptations ahead, i just keep reminding myself how much better i'm going to look soon!! xx
Fresh homemade victoria sponge with homemade raspberry jam!!!!! Resisted with pigheadedness and sheer determination! Lol!!!!

OH eating chinese and bottle of wine. I had a shake and water.

Sister and our kids eating fish and chips I had nothing.

This feeling of comfortable and the realisation that I am going to shed the flab far outways any of these temptations though.
god...could give a list as long as my arm... my daughter had chips from the chippie. I went to a party last sat.. didnt cave in to all that party food...that was hard...really wanted some... :(
My sister had her wonderful home made brownies in the fridge for most of the week, and i was home most of the week. only went once to look at them :( they're amazing brownies, best I have ever had! but i didnt touch em.

worst thing was she ended up throwing out the last quarter of the tray cos they had gone off cos my 2 skinny sisters didnt finish them in time :cry: such a waste
ahhhhh brownies.. How I miss your chocolatie deliciousness.. Maybe i'll treat myself to one when i'm finished LT =D
I often make brownies with my children and they are seriously yummy! Fortunately my 3 children are glad not to share them with me - more for them!!!!!!

there's so many things I want to have when I finish but I dont think ill ever be able to have em again :( I'd just fall into bad habits all over again. I envy my older sister, she has a perfect body (ie perfect 10) yet she still has ice cream and brownies etc, I dunno how she does it :sigh:

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