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What have i done :(


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This has taken a lot for me to say this...i havent told anyone!! After my weigh in on tuesday (where i put on 2 pounds after a perfectly good week)...iv been so down and yesterday i seriously must of eaten 100+ syns....my meals were fine....but i went to tesco and bought a hot cross bun, a danish bun, a pack of 4 white chocolate and raspberry cookies, a malteser bunny, a caramel bunny, and as well as polishing this lot off i also ate way more throughout the day...im so ashamed and didnt even feel good afterwards and now im obviously going to have a gain!! Today iv been good...up until a few minutes ago when i sneaked two of my buns....I have been so good for so long and feel like iv just completely blown everything :(

Please can someone knock some sense into me :(
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Wishing and hoping!
Sometimes it's good to just have a 'blow out' t can re-evaulate why your doing SW. I would not get to down about it. It is just an isolated iccidents and we all get them at some point through your journey, unless your in SW MAG ;)
All I would do is learn from it, accept it and move on, the diet is for life so get back on track, don't over-anaylsis and justr see what the outcome is on WI. Even if you do put something on, it can easily be sorted out with being good the following week, so don't give up and keep smiling, it will sort it's self out :)


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I expect most of us have 'blow outs' from time to time (goodness knows I do!) as has been said - sometimes it can be a good thing to get it out of your system.

Anyway what is done is done - ___________________ there is your line. Start a fresh from tomorrow - I wouldn't try to make up on your syns exactly but maybe cut down on them a little (still have at least 5 a day) and plenty of speed food.

Fingers crossed for you and best of luck for the next week.


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Don't worry! Just start fresh again and be good and stick to plan for the rest of the week, you never know you might not even put on as much as you think and it won't matter! Don't forget you have had a good weight loss in total so far and you can carry on!
Just don't give up!
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Just because you've gained 2lbs doesn't mean you have failed.

Forget about what you've eaten since WI & get back on the SW plan.

You can do this, just think about how much you've achieved so far & how proud you, your friends & family will be when you've got to target.


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A good few years back I had a Weight Watchers leader who had a favourite saying - she liked it so much that she had it printed up on a big board at the front of her meetings.

"One day at a time, no guilt and move on."

I never did ask her where she got it from, but it's as true now as it was then.

If you spend every day beating yourself up for the things you did the previous day, you'll never be able to move forward.

At the end of every day, draw a line. Sure, evaluate what you did that day and learn from it, but if you had a bad day don't beat yourself up for it the following day and try to claw back the "damage" - that way lies deprivation and misery, believe me. :cry:

Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, give yourself a boot up the arse if necessary, and start again with a clean sheet for each day.

It may well be the case that you don't have a good loss at the weigh in immediately following a bad day, but that's not what matters - what matters is the long term results, not what happens in one 7 day period. If you have a gain at your next weigh in, shrug your shoulders, smile sweetly and wait for it to come back off the next week - because it will.

Good luck! :flirt2:


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Get your Diary out put a big red line under yesterday and move on!

Oh and perhaps it's not a good idea to go shopping after Weigh In? Just a thought xxxx


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It's not too late...just draw a line and start fresh. You've lost 21lbs, so maybe it was just down to water or poo retention. Try to get rid of those temptations lying around.


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I agree with everything said above! You have come so far, and this is a life plan. No-one expects anyone to be 100%, 100% of the time.

What matters now is what you do going forward. As you have your little wobbles, sit and have a think to yourself - why you started SW, how you felt then compared to how you feel now, do you want to continue? Answering all these questions will give you a clear idea of how you would like to move forward.

Good luck



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I think a blow out can't hurt every so often. If you get back on track as soon as poss, cut back the syns to 5-10 per day, go on a couple of nice long walks this week and i wouldn't be suprised if you could lose those pesky 2lbs from last week!
Why not write down a few new recipes and give those a try this week just to get motivated again?
You have already lost 21lbs already which is amazing, don't beat yourself up about your 'blip' - you will soon lose that last 9lbs and think how amazing that will feel x


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don't beat yourself up about it - it has been done now, just look forwards, get back on plan and it will come off again. We all go through it - I did it a few weeks ago, I had 3 days off work and literally sat and ate the whole time I was off, no idea why I just did......


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It happens to the best of us!!!!! Move on!

Although, I find it takes until the WI a week later to catch up with me for some reason (worth looking back the week before for me to evaluate IYKWIM?) This week I had followed plan totally 100% and I got a STS, yet the week before I lost 3lb, I'd had a night out and was drinking pints and stuffing my face with buffet food and spent 2 days living off tinned soups (not even low fat ones!!!) I think it finally caught up with me!

I don;t quite know what the moral of that story was really! LOL


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Dont worry - whats done is done.

Draw a line under the bad day, and step over it :)

Take each day at a time, 100% for one, then two can turn into a week.

Im on day 6 of 100% and have had days like you detailed along the way!

Good luck xx


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A really important thing to remind yourself of is:

Overeating does not make you a bad person!

Yeah, at that particular moment you were a bit crap at dieting, but that doesn't justify the mental torture you are now putting yourself through. If you knew a child who got his sums wrong, would you think of them as stupid and useless and weak and bad? NO!!!!! They were just a bit crap at maths ot that particular moment!

As other have said, what is done is done, move forward but most important treat yourself with a bit of courtesy and respect.

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aww hun ((( ))) most of us have done it at some point and most of us have got back to it prepared for a gain at the next wii cause thats ok cause we know if we didn't we be like the few that don't get back to it think i can't do this anymore its too hard (it isn't we just like to think it is) and give up them few stop going and 6 months or what ever down the line they come back to sw weighing in heavier than when they started last time (i've been one of these its not nice i tell u) and theres the most group who drew a line under it some r at target others are getting close all have lost more weight than they would have if they joined the few.
u have a choice now hun do u choose to draw a line under this and aim for your target or are u gonna let this beat u and go back to how u was eating and rejoin sw in 6 months heavier than when u started.
alittle scary fact for u and me. i started sw 10 years ago if i would of stuck to it then when i only had a stone to lose i probably would of been at target 9 years ago 10 years later because i kept giving up i have 5 stone to lose and a harder job and i know that if i fail this time in another ten years i could have 10 stone to lose.
u can do it hun we r all here for u


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S: 12st9lb C: 11st8lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 23.9 Loss: 1st1lb(8.47%)
Get your Diary out put a big red line under yesterday and move on!

Oh and perhaps it's not a good idea to go shopping after Weigh In? Just a thought xxxx

This made me smile....i dont even go food shopping as i live with my parents....thats how bad i am! i purposely went to tesco for some rubbish food!! :(


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S: 12st9lb C: 11st8lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 23.9 Loss: 1st1lb(8.47%)
I have just been reading through all of your lovely comments, im glad i shared it with you as you have made me realise i can do this...however i have to confess i still havent been brilliant today :( I am going out for a curry ina few hours with work people...i have planned to have a chicken dansak and boiled rice as i know this is 6.5syns(ish) and thats what il have even though i know iv blown my syns for today anyway!!

But tomorrow im going to start again...my boyfriend is away this weekend so im planning an early start to the gym in the morning and once iv done that i know my eating will get back on track as i dont want to undo the good. Im still dreading weigh in but at least if i have 4 good days it wont be so bad...and i will reach my target soon :) xx

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