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What Have You Learned?

Hi all, I thought it would be interesting to see what everyone has learned through abstinence.

I'll start!

I already knew I was a comfort eater, but I've figured out WHY. It's because everything I "feel" - sadness, anger etc - I feel in the pit of my stomach, and when it's a negative feeling, I think I can smother it by feeling full. Of course, it doesn't work, but I try!

The other thing I've discovered is that I eat when I'm not even hungry. I kinda knew I did that too, but it was all made clearer when I was having some personal problems last week. I just wanted to eat and eat, and it wasn't because I was hungry, it was because I just felt like I should be eating because of all the stress. Once I figured that out, I was able to stop myself eating :D

Just wondered what everyone else has learned :)
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i do love food..... its a pleasure thing but i agree i would often eat not cos i was hungry but it was there and looked nice !!!
my problem is i know how i want to look but i dont like the journey there.... i want instant results.
my cdc hit the nail on the head this morning , when i went last week and had lost 5 lb on sole source, i was disappointed as reading on here people loose twice that amount ... thought stuff it , went round tesco and bought all yummy junk !!!
when i am angry i tend to not eat ..... especially if i have had an arguement with hubby (* which isnt very often ) i just live on coffee.
i eat when i have an excuse... like being pregnant , xmas when theres loads of choccies around.


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I think the biggest thing that I've learned about myself is that i eat when I'm not hungry. even thought I'm in ketosis I still wanna put stuff in my mouth whihc is something I need to deal with. Hopefully by the end of the I'll have learned to eat out of necessity instead of when I fancy it.
find it easier to stick to diets during the week , very difficult at the weekend when theres no school or nursery. must all be in my head. shows how much our brains control our actions !!!


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I've always had problems dealing with food, I've used it for everything, when i'm sad, when i'm happy, for celebrations, when i'm stressed, when i'm depressed, when i'm bored.......the list goes on. You name it, i use food for it!
I've realised that i don't NEED food and i've also realised that even though i 'thought' eating food made me feel better, it was actually making me miserable.
I don't NEED food! Not the way i thought i did anyway. I feel soooo much better emotionally and psychologically without it.
Hopefully not having it at all while on ss, i'll beable to re-educate myself and use food for what it was originally intended, as a source of fuel. Thats not to say that i won't have the odd curry now and then! lol


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I agree with everything said so far... :)

But the other thing I've realised is how much time out of my day was spent eating! I'm left with all this free time that I don't quite know how to fill. Okay, that's not quite true--I could fill it by cleaning the house, or getting stuck into the revision I've got to do for an exam I've got coming up in 5 weeks time--but I don't want to! (said rebelliously!)

Eating was my number 1 procrastinating activity--that's what I've learned... :sigh:


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I have to agree with you there Lily. I can't believe how empty my life feels without food! OMG thats really sad!!! :(
But as a plus i'm now having to actually go and get myself one of those life things people are always talking about! lol


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Me three. its amazing how much time I used to spend eating and thinking about eating. Also lots of my social life was spend in pubs and restaurants and my housemates and I would always have a takeaway at night. It feels strange to have all this free time. I'm gonna have to get a hobby!


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i have learned that i eat when i am not hungry just to fill other gaps that occur in my kife from time to time

what i really do need to learn and to get used to is the fact that you/i dont need food and alcohol to excess in order to enjoy myself

at the moment i dont feel i am very much fun and i hate that!
I've learnt in a very short space of time that anything jerks me out of happy and I head for the kitchen. Given that if I am happy I used to 'celebrate' with a treat. Food was everything and like some of you others I've sometimes thought oh wish I could have sausage or something for tea then took a second to think, am I hungry NO then why, it's a hard habit to break but think I'll be on SS for a while yet so hopefully I'll have altered my thinking.

Imagine only eating when you're hungry??????????

Wow. I sometimes thought too although I do eat far far too much I'm always hungry so that must mean my body neads it DOH.


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i learned i walk to the kitchen every times theres a break on tv to find something to eat, i also learnt that you should not by a new cooker when starting a diet, i learnt im an okay cook, and that i have a great set of friends that understand things
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I learnt that I was living to eat and not eating to live. I have discovered that is it possible to eat to live and enjoy yourself. I love going on holiday and do so as often as possible but the one thing that made holidays most enjoyable was all the food and eating out. Having now been away twice on holiday whilst on CD I have learnt that you can go away and have a good time without food being the sole focus - quite a revelation to me!

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I've learned how quick I can put weight back on and how I thought because I'd lost weight and looked "normal" and was a healthy weigh I could eat what I wanted - big mistake!!

Although I have only put about a stone and a half back on I'm not happy and have started my packs again.

I've also learned that I eat when I'm bored or lonely (when Hubby is at work)
It's amazing the reasons we have for eating isn't it? I thought this thread might help anyone who was stuck on the whole personal development (like me) rather than just getting stuck on sticking to the diet! :D What a lot we have to deal with eh?
Great thread!
I have learned that food tastes really nice. I spent so much time covering my food in salt I forgot what it actually tasted like!
Oh and coffee with milk is DISGUSTING!! I made a coffee the other day and put milk in by mistake... had a mouthful and :sign0137:

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