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Extra Easy What have you made from the new EE cookbook and did you like it?

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After reading lots of posts about the new cookbook, and waiting patiently for 2 weeks for it to arrive, it is here and it looks really good.
I know it is not a good idea to post the recipes so it might be nice if we reviewed them and shared any changes we make to the dishes.

Today I made the chilli loaded potato skins and they were a hit with the whole family - I doubled the quantity of mince and tomatoes and served as a main, rather than a snack.
For lunch I had the pork with honey and it was delicious- even though I had no star anise.
Have planned the rest of the weeks evening meals from the cookbook and hopefully they will all be as good.
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is getting better at it
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i made the butternut and bacon risotto it was very nice, but not so nice if you freeze it then defrost it again,
the chicken noodle soup is nice to


Mad old Bat with Attitude
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The chicken noodle soup was good, I used stock from the carcass and the bits plus a chicken breast and it was plenty for 4.
The turkey meatballs were great too, tho I couldn't finish all the pasta so I cut the amount slightly.
The penne ,pork and tomato ragu was tasty, tho I think I'll use beef mince next time for preference.Again I cut down the pasta but it was very filling, real comfort food!
I'm going to give the tomato lentil and bacon soup a whirl this weekend.
S: 19st1lb C: 13st6lb G: 11st6lb BMI: 32.3 Loss: 5st9lb(29.59%)
Tonight it is a toss up between lancashire hot pot or one of the pasta dishes. If I do the hot pot it will be one large one rather than individuals. I remember years ago when I first started cooking, I always followed recipes to the letter, but as you get more confident you realise that you don't need to and can adapt things to suit your own tastes. There is nothing worse than getting loads of ingredients and recipes with lots of steps only to find you don't like the finished dish. I am sure we have all done that at some point! I love the fact that the recipes in this book are so simple - I am trying to encourage OH to have a go at making tea sometime.


Slow but sure....
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I've ordered my book and can't wait for it to arrive now, it seems to be so good......


Mad old Bat with Attitude
S: 14st5lb
Just had the Tomato bacon and lentil soup, OH said it was delicious! It was! and filling, I used the same amount of veg for the 2 of us as for 4 and halved the lentils and bacon.It's just not like following a diet, that's what's so good about it!


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I have made the frittata, keema curry & rice, tuna and sweetcorn fritters, chicken and leek pie, and the lasagne going to have a go at the crab cakes and beef stew and mustard mash this week :)

nettie xx
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The hotpot was delicious, my fussy OH had 2 helpings and thought it was great. I made 1 large one as I said earlier and will be making it again soon. Tomorrow will be the pork mince and pasta dish or a chicken curry from the curry feast book.


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omg I will have to get this book now as you lot have made me hungry with the though of all that nice dishes. I hope we have them in class on Monday or I will have to wait and read another week drooling lol
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Cant wait to get back to group to get the book!
How many recipies does it have and how much does it cost?


Mad old Bat with Attitude
S: 14st5lb
It's £4.95 and has 50 recipes. Most of which I will make.
The Curry Feast book is good too if you're into curries.
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Last night we had the pork ragu with pasta - OH found the cinnamon a bit too much for him, maybe best to start with 1/2 the amount, the chilli gives a lovely warmth to the dish, having the leftovers for lunch today- yum!
The butternut squash and bacon risotto. Very nice, but not quite as nice - in my opinion - as the chilli and butternut recipe from one of the other books (can't remember which one at the moment).

Also - when the risotto is ready, eat it NOW!. Straight away. Don't leave it sitting around (not that you will want to - it smells wonderful!) or it will go a bit stodgy.
S: 19st1lb C: 13st6lb G: 11st6lb BMI: 32.3 Loss: 5st9lb(29.59%)
We had the burgers tonight and they were lovely - never made the relish, but I used fresh salad from the garden and really enjoyed it. Not sure what I am going to make next - maybe the keema curry. Judimac - what is your favourite one out of the curry feast book? have borrowed a copy but did not like the first one I made, although the onion bhajis were delicious.

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