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What I made tonight for tea. YUMMMMY!! **WARNING: PHOTO**

Well, I had a nice day today.

Started out by doing a complete Pilates dvd. I liked it. Its called 'Pilates for Dummy's' :D Works for me!!

Then went to the shop and got some nice fish and veg for rolling some sushi.

Came home, and had a little rolling fest, woke OH up for work and had a cup of coffee or two with him. I thanked him for being such a wonderful supportive hubster. After he went to work, I went for another walk - the same as last night, but this time I didn;t run. But I found a nice secluded hillside and used the slight incline to my advantage ad did about 30 or 40 situps. That was wonderful - sure helped my neck not straining it and all!! I think thats my new trick!

Then, just had dinner - this is what it looked like. It was SCRUMDIDDILIUMPCIOUS! :D

I just thought it was so pretty, I wanted to share a photo. Various combos of salmon, crab, avocado, spring onion., coriander leaves, shredded carrots, cucumbers and red peppers fill the sashimi.

Tonite - a quiet night in, and a film or something.

Hope you all had a good Saturday too.

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I Can Do This!
WOW BL that does look scrummy. Sounds like you have had a great day and getting back in control.

I can't wait to start eating normally again. I love cooking food and am experimenting on the kids at them moment. Loads of great food combinations on this site. Thanks.


...we're sinking deeper.
I love Nori sheets! I use them quite often for 'rolls' for lunch, it's amazing how rolling some food up into a small wrap can make it so much more exciting! I stuff mine with lettuce leaves, prawns, mushrooms and strips of carrot and baby sweetcorn. :D

Plus sushi is just amazing anyway. Did you actually cook Sushi rice, or is that just 'normal' stuff? :) I'm just wondering since sushi rice (while it is tasty) I'm wondering if I NEED to use that particular type for a successful roll.

Hi M

I used Sushi rice this time as I was out of Brown Rice. But I do want to try it with Short Grain brown rice next time. I never have, but it should work - the vinegar/mirin/sugar dressing should make that sticky the same as the white I would think. Will give it a go anyway.

I love sushi. Just had some for lunch. Love that wasabi rush, right through your headm, till it makes your eyes and nose water. Oh yeah. Yuuuummmmmmmmy!!!! :D

BL that looks delish!!!
ive never made them, but am feeling inspired... can i have them yet - week 5/6 RTM
daisy x

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