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What I'm thinkin is...

I know we're meant to be all realistic and remember that losing weight is not going to solve the worlds problems. But I'm goona brazen it out and assert that it's gonna solve mine at least.

I see myself all skinny in my lovely clothes. I go to uni all interesting looking with my 'Im an academic don't you know' clothes -with or without elbow patches, I haven't decided. Carrying piles of books, with the spine outwards so everyone can see what I'm reading, though of course that'll be accidental.;)
Then I'll get my new job and I'll be all 'working girl' running to work in trainers and a skirt, grabbing a 'coffee to go' (cus in my daydream we're all Americanised) and sliding into my seat just in time -slightly flushed but still gorgeous and radiating health.

Then I come home, make wholesome healthy meals for my family, and we all laugh and no one is shouted at. The house is always clean and tidy and the bills paid on time. No one farts in bed -or at all actually, there are no shavings in the sink or bath, toe nails never need clipped, teeth are sparkling white, the kids play with wooden toys having shunned modern technology, the sun always shines or I sing in the rain.


How can I not be motivated I ask ye?
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LOL!!!! Oh how we all luuurrrvve to dream!!!!!

I think when I've lost weight I'll get some George Clooney lookalike who'll whisk me off my feet (cos I'll be light enough!!) and take me to his Caribbean beach front house where we'll live happily ever after!


I mean what I ASSUME will happen when I lose weight is the following.... *slipppppping into fantasy world*

Looking effortlessly sophisticated, slim and healthy I will wow my friends and family with my style and panache! I will, undoubtedly, get a lovely boyfriend who will have bothered to get to know me rather than looking at my fat and thinking "eeeeugh" (like you it's all quite Americanised!)

I will go from one success to another at work- I'll have so much more energy that I'll soon be ruling the school I teach in and will ultimately be head teacher (still looking fabulous!)

I will have amazing holidays to far flung places and my concern will not be "I have to wear a BIKINI?!" (said with shudders and hysteria) but "Ooooh which bikini should I wear?!" (Combined with excited giggling)

Ahhhhhhhh....the future is bright...the future is skinny!!! (I HOPE!!)

Just walking past Burtons shop window (which is all glass and un-avoidable), without looking like a duck-bill-platapus (sp), will is my dreammmmmmmmmmm....lol


A little of everything!
House always clean...bills always paid...no farting...no shavings in the sink....?? Bliss.....
LMAO!! How wonderful our lives will be when we lose weight. i dont know what's held us all back for so long! LOL



A little of everything!
Fear of living a perfect life I guess?...:)whistle::sign0151:)...


Otherwise known as Jools
When I have lost the weight my dream is to go to an ex's door to show him what he is missing out on :D
Wow woman, have you thought of a career in film! I want to watch that film, no, actually I want to live it!!!
Sigh me too Ghost, me too. The reality is much uglier! LOL
Definitely loving the idea of turning up at my ex's all slim and slinky and saying "Unlucky!!!" or maybe "Frankly my dear...I don't give a damn" (has that been used already?! Lol!)

Ahhhhh.....sweet, sweet fantasy land!



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That is just absolutely fabulous hahah
And all completely true!:D
lovin it... and - and christmas time, when I go to all of the parties - I will arrive to gasps of amazement, and questions - so many questions.

at my own party, i will glide down the stairs (of my own stately home) and announce to the world that no-one is in poverty and everyone has food in the world.

all wars will cease and my toothbrush will always be charged !!!


Lady Caren of fantasia!!
LMAO! It'd need to be constantly charged on this diet! LOL
Daydream chelly? I think you'll find that it's a plan! Ahem. it IS going to happen -it is! :D
Hey BlackRose

I'm doing the fantasy thing mmmm.
I slip into my skinny little denim jeans, throw a cute waist cut jacket on and go to my hubby's ex wife's kids birthday party do and not give a DAMN...now there's fantasy..LOL!! ;)
Imagination is Everything...

Lol! Love this thread! It is definitely good to have a dream and have a vision... Everything in your life started as a thought, a wish, a hope, or a dream either in your mind or in the mind of someone else!

Albert Einstein said...

"Imagination is Everything. It is the preview of life's coming attractions."

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