what is celebrity slim?

Discussion in 'Celebrity Slim' started by Dietingdon, 13 January 2009 Social URL.

  1. Dietingdon

    Dietingdon Silver Member

    Is it like lipotrim and CD and LL?
    Please explain. Also how much does it cost?
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  3. naughtypuppy

    naughtypuppy Is a LOSER!!!

    Basically slim fast, but it has the word celebrity in it so more people will hook on to it...
    Lol :)

  4. Emily2009

    Emily2009 Full Member

    lol well if its slim fast with a different name im quitting this slim fast is way cheaper!!!!! u have just burst my bubble now! lol
  5. howdy-doody

    howdy-doody Eloquent hooligan

    On what basis do you say this is the same as Slimfast ? Sachet contents & calorific / carb count ? Or that the programme allows a balanced daily meal as well as 2 shakes ?
  6. naughtypuppy

    naughtypuppy Is a LOSER!!!

    Well if you look at it, it basically is the same.

    I think that it is the same sort of calorie intake etc...but they have just put the name celebrity on it, so that people may think it is new and diffrent...and well that all the celeb's do it..


    THAI CHILLI Full Member

    I don't agree with you,celebrity slim is like lighter life,cd,lt but the different is u can hv a meal and snacks
  8. naughtypuppy

    naughtypuppy Is a LOSER!!!

    You can have a meal and snacks on slim fast too
  9. Mazza

    Mazza Serial poster

    Celebrity Slim works by restricting carbohydrates and overall energy in your diet which stimulates your metabolism to burn more calories.

    You do replace 2 meals a day (like slimfast) but the allowable snack and main meal are resricted to items with a low carbohydrate content to allow the above.

    Slim fast is a calorie controlled diet.
  10. caroline_ireland

    caroline_ireland MISS Failure ha

    girls, ive been googling it there for the past hour and ive read nothing but good reviews, im actually shocked im running down to the chemist tomorrow to start it, ill keep you all informed but seriously google it and look at all the reviews, www.productreview.com there is pages of reviews on it
    so wish me luck, i couldnt handle Lipo trim so this will be interesting
  11. Mazza

    Mazza Serial poster

    We have too - which is why we are on it!!

    Good luck with it, I am on day 2.

  12. naughtypuppy

    naughtypuppy Is a LOSER!!!

    Good luck to you both, :)

  13. caroline_ireland

    caroline_ireland MISS Failure ha

    :D this might be the answer, ive tried everything so hopefully this is it :D
  14. MrsDannyDyer

    MrsDannyDyer Silver Member

    whats the cost iveseen the adverts and ad in my magazine but it was for rowland pharmacy n didnt have one near me
  15. howdy-doody

    howdy-doody Eloquent hooligan

    To be fair to Naughty Puppy I've just googled the packet details for Slimfast & they compare relatively to CS... the devil might be in the detail... basically the shakes are more or less the same at a cursory level... both are cal & carb low... both of which bring on ketosis... providing (& it's a big BUT) that the balanced meal & snacks ensure low cal & low carb intake.... :)

    Caroline... I think the answer is you, not CS :) Same for me... the reason I got fat was because I ate too much of the wrong things for too long.... the reason I got thin(ner) was also me... albeit I followed a no-brainer lipotrim diet :)

    The diet isn't a miracle... it's a means to an end.... addressing the root causes/habits & changing them is the real answer :)
    Last edited: 13 January 2009
  16. howdy-doody

    howdy-doody Eloquent hooligan

    PS.... you CAN do it ;) :D

    THAI CHILLI Full Member

    Good luck mate definitely it will work as i already lost 4lb in a week can you lose that too on slim fast?
  18. caroline_ireland

    caroline_ireland MISS Failure ha

    ah i no its me, :( i have to cop on and do something, hopefully i can do it, if i was the way i feel now (great willpower) if that lasted throughout my life id be down to the size i wanted by now, CS u can have a nice meal in the evenings. My main problem is morning and 1pm cause im rushing so the shakes will be good, so fingers crossed
  19. howdy-doody

    howdy-doody Eloquent hooligan

    We're with ya all the way :D

    I'm a bugger me, deffo an all or nothing person... which means when I'm on a programme like this I give it 100%... on the flip side when I'm left to my own devices I let loose :eek:

    I like the structure this diet provides... although it's not as hardcore as lipotrim... but that's good for me as my choices on meals / snacks are exactly that... my choices... so slowly weaning myself off total food replacement :)
  20. bigdand

    bigdand New Member

    hi there
    glad to see that this stuff actually works.. im a little bit annoyed with how mine is going... i feel over limited on what i can eat.....
    especially for desserts.... what do you guy have for desert ??
    DAN :)
  21. susie-blu.1

    susie-blu.1 New Member

    im starting it on fri, just ordered online now, full box of chocolate shakes and get full box of mens mixed shakes free!! bargain ( i hope) :)

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