What is everyone's fave flavours for shakes and soups?

Discussion in 'Cambridge Weight Plan' started by lozzers_losing_weight, 22 October 2007 Social URL.

  1. lozzers_losing_weight

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    I had a bad experience on first day. I had been given a box from my councellour with a range of different stuff in for me to try and decide what i like. I normally by a fresh morrisons soup in the falvour of brocolli and cheddar i love it!!! So i look in my box and there is a soup of brocolli and cheese(i was looking forward to it all day). I take that along with a butterscotch shake to work on sat.

    Well i made the shake (being the first one i made ever) and it came out all lumpy and horrible as i only used a fork to mix with. nevermind.

    At lunch i make the soup, a lot smoother. It tastes disgusting!!!

    I have since had the strawbery, fruits of forest and banana shake and chicken and mushroom soup and they are all nice.

    What do you all like?

    Answers on a postcard please
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  3. anoushka

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    Choc mint, choc mint, choc mint! (And the occasional Chicken & Mushroom soup) xx
  4. Dobbie

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    Hey Hun,

    You will find as you progress on your journey that your taste buds change - so soups/shakes that you're not keen on now you may find you like later on and vice versa!!

    I love the vanilla, chocolate and capuccino shakes all made with hot water instead of cold. Very warming and filling now that the weather is changing. Mint choc is lovely hot or cold and the choc tetras are nice frozen - makes like an ice cream you can eat with a spoon when you want to 'eat'!!!

    Personally I hate the soups - used the love the mushroom but now it makes me gag.

    Keep experimenting and you'll find what works for you!!

  5. SoonToBeGorgeous

    SoonToBeGorgeous Loving the Cambridge Diet

    Cambridge Plan
    I love Chocolate hot.
    Cappuccino and Butterscotch cold

    Love all of the soups but particularly the Vegetable and the Chicken & Mushroom

    Plus all of the bars!
  6. silhouettes

    silhouettes Silver Member

    im on LL but my favourites are available on CD too.
    I love mushroom soup, stawbery shake and chocolate shake. My tastebuds definitely changed over the past 18 weeks as i used to like a lot more but now am happy to stick with my 3 flavours :) Im sure i will try a few more again in a month or so
  7. Mochaj

    Mochaj Gold Member

    I love the chocolate shake, that is definitely my favourite. I like most of them actually but for me they have to be ice cold I can't bear them hot!

    I'm not as keen on the soups but do sometimes have one, Chicken & Mushroom is my favourite. I wasn't keen on the tomato, it tasted sweet to me! I haven't tried Broccoli & cheese but I do have 2 in my box. I'm not looking forward to trying them after what I've read, I've never seen anyone at all say they are nice!

    I love all the bars & have never tasted a tetra! I get all my stuff posted to me by my CDC as she lives too far away for me to visit her. She doesn't send me tetras because of the extra it would cost me in postage although I'm sure she would if I asked :)

    I agree about tastes changing. The first time I had vanilla and butterscotch I thought they were vile! I tried them again after a few weeks and really liked them.
  8. NooNoo1970

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    I love the tom soup,that really is my fav!

    I cant drink any of the shakes hot...they make me heave!!! But I love the choc, banana shakes and banana tetras. I make one of my shakes most days into a muffin..yummy!! nice to have something to 'eat'.

    A tip with the soup..if you are out and need to make a soup and you dont have a blender to hand......tip the powder into a large mug, mix with some cold water to make a smooth but runny paste and then add recently boiled water and stir for about a minute...hey presto.....non lumpy soup on the run!!!
    Your taste will change as you get more used to the diet so do make sure you try some other flavours in a few weeks time.
    Good luck XX Lou XX
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  9. Mrs V

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    I love the chocolate and orange shake, choc mint and vanilla. The others are ok....I haven't discovered a shake that I dislike yet!!
    I think the chocolate tetra bricks are delicious, but the banana one is just too sweet.
    I tried the oriental soup the other day and found that ok, not too keen on soup, but I will try the tomato.
  10. saffron

    saffron Gold Member

    cambridge diet
    I Like all the shakes, and like both tetras, the choc tetra i always put into the freezer,and the banana tetra i would pour in a pint glass then add water to it, as for the soups i really hated the oriental chilli yuck made me feel sick!! sorry tmi!! loved the tom soup and i like the broc & cheese soup would drink the others but those 2 were my fav
  11. Lighterlady

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    I'm on day 5, and so far I've liked all of the soups quite a lot, esp vegetable, but the broccoli and cheese was the vilest thing I have ever tasted! One mouthful and I was almost sick! I had to throw it away and make another one.
    I don't have a very sweet tooth, so mainly have the soups, but can't bring myself to have them for breakfast, and the shakes I like best are vanilla, toffee and walnut (delicious!) and fruits of the forest. The rest are just too sweet for me really, though am yet to decide on the cappuccino - had it hot because someone said it was nice like that, and really didn't like it! Will try it cold tomorrow!
  12. Gemma

    Gemma Gold Member

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    I have only tried the veg and chick/mush soups and both are ok, am gonna get some of the chilli ones to try as crisps

    I like the choc mint shake and strawberry cold with loads of blended ice.
    The choc shake is good as a muffin

    Am not keen on the vanilla had it warm and was not impressed
    The choc tetra i split into two and have them topped up with hot water in the morning
    I like the banana tetra but am just having it at the moment as i can quickly down it, as i am struggling to have all 4 packs but don't wanna not have them
  13. sazzy34

    sazzy34 Gold Member

    cambridge diet / weight watchers

    Thats all I have to say x x:D
  14. Hedgemag

    Hedgemag Cambridge Diet Counsellor

    I like most of the shakes and soups.....if I had to choose a fav it would have to be Choc Mint hot, not so keen on the cappucinno hot or cold.
    Love the Tom soup..............cannot stand the Brocolli and cheese, the smell and colour is gross!!:p
  15. saffron

    saffron Gold Member

    cambridge diet
    the cheese n broc is good on aamw just make it up and put it with fish n broc floret
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