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What is everyones favourite meals?

Hmmm, hard to say for me, I like so much really. :)
Probably crustless quiches cos I can do so many different varieties of them. :)

At the moment I do one with chicken, mushroom, broccoli, a tiny bit of sweetcorn and cheddar which is lush, and if I'm having a low-cal meal I do egg-whites with prawns and cottage cheese. When I was full-on Atkins back in the mists of time I used to do bacon, leek & cheese a lot. Looking forward to that again when I'm back to Atkins properly instead of low-carb low-cal refeeding like I am now! When I was off induction I occasionally used to do bacon and slices of boiled new potato with really strong cheddar too, that was another good one! :)

They are even nicer now I have my own hens and get fresh eggs regularly.......;)
I don't feel like I've cooked enough to have a favourite meal yet! I loved the chicken breast stuffed with cheese and wrapped in bacon, with a side of mashed cauli, but I'm going to try that pasta-less lasagne soon!


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my fav meal on atkins was cheeseburger pie :D mmmmmmmmm


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Ah just fancied a change ;) no its cos of the searches for my kennel name brings up posts on here!
mmm fry up....or cheeseburger pie....or oopsie rolls sarnies .....

OMG i forgot, cinnamon MIM with whipped cream....

or just a chick and eggs salad....

ok....i like it all lol
chick????chicken!!! haha


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Stephen I hope thats vodka your little man is drinking at your sig :)
ste i think i must have been a man in a previous life lol
mmm fry up....or cheeseburger pie....or oopsie rolls sarnies .....
Tell me more about the oopsie rolls sarnies please - I made oopsies last week and they were good as a pudding but the texture seemed all wrong to make a sarnie with - too meringuey if you know what I mean! It just seemed wrong to put them with savoury stuff somehow...........Do yours end up quite fluffy inside, they were too soft to spread butter or anything on, I also tried to toast one and it disintegrated!
Bren xx
hm,mm bren i suppose my oopsies are spongy BUT i dont splodge the mixture into seperates...i have a tray thats the size of my oven, i line it with greasproof and spread the WHOLE mixture on that and the slice after.....

its a good substitue for bread with a sausage sarnie )which is the only sarnie i crave lol) i make pizzas with them, thats nice, and cheese on toast BUT before atkins that was really the only things i ate with bread anyway. xx


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Favourite meal I've made so far is chicken in paprika, garlic and chilli fried with onion, mushroom and red pepper wrapped in lettuce with cheese. On the higher end of the carb scale but lovely x
So do you spread it quite thinly then? I made mine into mounds like in the photos.
Bren xx
yeh bren, my oven is a standard size and the tray is as large as the inside...so the whole mix goes on that tray :)

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