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What is the worst film you've ever seen?


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I'm sure many people have had to sit through a few hours of complete crap, but what has been the worst??

It would give me great pleasure to say that it was Twilight. However, although it was full of terrible acting and destroyed the image of vampires by making the creatures of the night too afraid to walk into the sun because they'll 'sparkle'....it was strangely watchable, got a few laughs out of me and I have seen worse :(

I'm going to have to go with These Girls. Possibly the most uncomfortable film I've ever had to sit through because I was bright red and cringing throughout. I should have known from the tag line 'Best friends share everything' but I went and let my little crush on David Boreanaz convince me to watch it on youtube. Awful, awful film with the most horrendous storyline ever. I don't think I'll ever get rid of the memory of this one.

So, how about you? :D
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It's a relief to see someone else who didn't like Lost in Translation, everyone I know seems to class it as a masterpiece. I just don't understand why! :sigh:
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Meet Joe Black, G.I. Joe and more recently Prince of Persia, total and utter w*nk and I nearly demanded my money back!


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Pret A Porter - only film I've ever walked out of - and I'll watch any old cr*p so it must have been bad!!

Not seen any of the others mentioned



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Gosh yes, Lost in Translation. I watched it on video after reading how wonderful it was.

A newly wedded couple go to Tokyo. He has to work, and she whinges and mopes around because he is not available for her. What a wuss. Then she gets off with some bloke she meets in a bar. And I am supposed to by sympathetic?

It was a total waste of a couple of hours of my life which I won't get back:rolleyes:.

Just checked it out on rottentomatoes.com and is has a score of 97%. Hello:confused:.

My worst cinema experience was going with my husband to see Disaster Movie. Don't ask how this happened. It won't happen again. We were at least twice as old as all the other people there (it felt like it anyway) and it was cringingly awful but we stayed to the end.

Rottentomatoes.com rates this at 2%. That's more like it;).


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The only good thing about Lost in Translation is that it is beautifully shot. But that is all it is, lovely shots of Tokyo, there's nothing else to it. That's why there's nothing to 'get', nothing out of the obvious happens lol


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Shutter Island...more like sh!tter Island!!

my aunt watched on box office and raved about,said it made her jump and the patients were freaky as hell and it had a good twist etc... well i went and bought and i couldnt believe what i was watching, i was willing it along and the best part was the ending!!

it didnt make me jump at,the inmates you hardly got to see, there wasnt anything half decent about this! im taking the dvd to blockbusters to do a trade for the book of eli. :)


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a huge dissapointment!!...i agree the trailer looked really good,interesting and a bit spooky,like edge of the seat type film, how wrong was i?

you know the old lady in the trailer with the balding head,who looks totally crackers..well you see her once! the worst nutters are meant to be on the island,you dont get to see any of that which i thought was a shame,as that would have brought life to the film..its very slow,and i only sat through it as i wanted to see the end twist, which wasnt that good...the trailer was better than the film!!!!


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I have a few but the ones which stand out are:

Batman and Robin. You sit there feeling brain-damaged and praying for the mayhem to cease.

Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus. Its actually so bad it cant take itself seriously

Catwoman. Just bizzare.

I did however love Lost In Translation. Its the simplicity and realistic situations that i found so refreshing and heartwarming about this movie. Not to mention the beautiful soundtrack. :D

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2012 is one that immediately springs to mind, it was so, so dismal and poor, very, very far fetched storyline and downright total ridiculousness. Best thing about it was the special effects which to be honest was the only reason they made it. Absolute load of old codswallop. Hated it!


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Oh I'm sorry to hear you hated 2012!!! I loved it! Each to their own though eh,
I really am not sure what my least favourite film every is. I am not one for any horrors at all, I had to leave the room 35 mins into 13 Ghosts.
I ADORE musicals, however this brings me to my vote for worst ever film I've seen - Nine.

It was just rubbish and I didn't understand it. The music was rubbish also.


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Another vote against Lost in Translation! I gave up watching after an hour it was that bad!

I think the remake of Texas Chainsaw Massacre was also pretty dire, and the remake of The Ring. Total rubbish!

I'm sure there's lots more that I've forced from my brain due to how crap they were! xx


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King Kong - went to the cinema having no idea it lasted 3 hours or so and honestly lost the will to live. I truly thought it was never going to end especially as after about 90 minutes we still hadn't seen King Kong. God, I shudder just thinking about it!
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Titanic, and Jeepers Creepers. Chunks of my life I'm never getting back lol

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