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What is wrong with me!!??!?!


Needs to stick to it!!!
Please... someone tell me!!!I know i can do this diet!!!!I did last year quite well...so someone tell me why im so frckin stupid n hav jus ate!and i dont mean just a nibble..i actually went for a car ride with my son(he's only 21 months) so i cud eat alone..without anyone seein me..i bought chicken wings & a drumstick and a bag of crisps plus sum cookies...there goes my week ..AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
what the fukc is wrong with me...i so hate everything right now...everything everything!!!:break_diet: :cry: :wave_cry: :mad: :sigh: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:
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Busy busy busy!!
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You have not messed up your week unless you continue to pick at food.

Put this behind you NOW ... drink plenty of water today, and get straight back on CD.

You will have done minimal damage in one little binge - but if you continue then you'll have a bad week and maybe even a gain ...

So back on track, plenty of water and you'll be fine.


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Hey hun don't be too angry with yourself- OK so you've had a minor slip- as Beverley says as long as you don't let it turn into a week-long slip you'll be fine... you may have dented your loss by a lb or 2 but thats prob about it.

So don't worry, ask yourself why you felt you had to eat and learn from it so it doesn't happen again. You obviously felt that it was wrong and you shouldn't be doing it, otherwise you wouldn't have gone where no-one could see you, but the only person you should be doing this for is you-and you can't run away from you!! So its important that you talk to your counsellor about this and try and work out why you did it in the first place...

Good luck hun! xxx
hello mags... i just wanted to echo everything bev has said and tell you i know exactly how you are feeling... you are not alone with this girl... but please try to glug the oul water and not let a 'little slip' turn into a major thing.... we are only human after all!!!


Gen xxxx
Hi Mags,your post really struck a chord with me,I used to say I was going to put petrol in the car so as I could buy 4 bars of choccie and eat it on the journey there and back. The difference between you and me was that I never confessed to it !! You've told us on here and that tells you that you do really want to lose the weight. It's a blip, thats all, put it behind you and get straight back on the CD wagon. Try and glug as much water as you can, you know deep down you can do it,you've done it before,good luck!!

Nikki x


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Hi Mags, the first time is the golden time on these vlcd!! I too am on restart after doing brill last year but its sooo hard this time. Im on week 3 officially but Ive only had 2 weigh ins cos ive been so bad and broken diet on a regular basis. You arent alone even though you think theres only you doing these things, please just put this 1 thing behind you before you fall off the wagon completely and if you crack on for the rest of the week im sure you wont have done to much damage. Good luck sarahxx.


Needs to stick to it!!!
:) Thank you all...feelin quite a bit better now..think everythin jus got on top of me a bit..and hey what better way to take care of it then eating!!!*not* bah..anyway ive not eated anythin else since i did this post..and am currently drinkin away*water*lol not voddy!!havent even made a dent in my usual 6lts..but hopefully will do so thruout the nite..thanks for ur posts!!!:)


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Remember that we can do anything that we put our minds to. You can do this:)


Need help
Hi ya, :)

Don't worry as they say once you have fallen off the wagon get straight back onto the wagon and the guilt will go.
You are doing great and keep with it, dont be to hard on yourself.

Nick :)


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We are all human, and let our chatterboxes take over sometimes, just don't take it to heart. Learn from it and get on with the diet.. you will be fine..



Needs to stick to it!!!
:) Thank you all, feellin a bit better today..and of course slightly pissed off with myself about yesturday..but not inclined to eat at all today..my sons confirmation tomorow so gonna try n just eat a chicken salad or something as there will be a few at the restarant and i dont wanna be sittin there lol..
:patback: Hi Mags,

Hope everything going good with you hon. I have had a bad couple of days but am back on track again. I find the more you beat yourself up the more you eat. Give yourself a break and start again. Good luck hon.

Bye the way we are both Taurus and 35yrs young this year. This is our year so go for it.

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Don't beat ya self up - it was just a chance to learn more about your 'weak spots'. Mine are PMT, I really just can't stick to the diet for 7 days before TOTM, so I plan 'binges' on protein - hard boiled egg, tiny tin of tuna, and just pray I don't gain lbs! My other 'weak spot' is stress and sadly I get stressed real easily as professional working single mom with bf who tells me I am too fat/flabby/imperfect!!! - some people say us stresspots release too much cortisol which actually causes weight gain over & above the average bod. But anyway think about what you were feeling that made you think you would feel better after/need a binge - likely you felt lonely, sad, angry (I do ALL these regularly before binge-cravings take over). Likely someone else caused that feeling in you, but honey YOU can decide how you respond. Decide NOW how you are going to deal with that nasty feeling next time, make a plan and do it - you will feel stronger for it. Oh, and don't beat self up when you fail - like I say I fail at least 7-10 days a month when TOTM lack of emotional control and rationality take over!!!!! TBH I think maybe I fail more than that, but I beat myself up on those 7-10 days!

Good luck n take care,

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