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What is wrong with me!!!


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I'm sitting here worried sick because my 73year old mother needs a heart bypass that she may not be suitable for becuz of health problems and all I can do is eat. For as long as I can remember I have been overweight as has my mom but the first thing she said to me after we found out she needed a bypass was I needed to watch myself but me being me all I could do was think of me and eat.
I want to do this but I can't. I want to see my five year old grow up and not be teased about is fat mom. I have done the cambridge and done really well last year but my husband got sick so my trigger stress kicked in and took over and I have tried so many times to get back on track but have failed time and time again. I feel so selfish becuz with all my mom is going through and I know how scared she is, all she can think of is me and what can happen to me becuz of my weight.
Sorry for goin on but I just needed to talk to people on the outside.:cry::cry:
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Hi Irish,

Sorry to hear about your Mum. Please don't beat yourself up about eating. I for one can totally relate to your post and I bet others can too.

I think it is possible to lose weight on most diets CD, LL, SW, WW, etc, but the vital key is to have your head in the right place.

With everything that is going on it might not be the right time for you at the moment, but it will come.

In the meantime limit any snacking to low fat snacks and at least that way you will maintain. :)

P.S. nice to click post reply to one of your posts not on the Word Association thread!


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thanks Holly , as you may have guessed I am a serial lurker. I don't really post much becuz I don't really know what to say half the time. I appreciate ur reply:)


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Holly is right, you have to be in the right place mentally to stick to it properly. Don't beat yourself up over it as it will only make it worse. You are depressed so you eat; you get depressed because you have eaten; you pig out again. It will just go round in circles.

You know why you are doing it so just let it be and don't add to your current stresses. I hope your Mum will be ok, keep us posted x


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I totally agree - now is not the time for a strict regime, you have enough to stress over as it is. However you could tweak your diet a little. Try to have an extra piece of fruit each day instead if one 'naughty' food. Every little helps and you will feel pleased with yourself without knocking yourself out. If you're having crisps, tip half the packet on a plate and have the other half the next day. It all helps.
There are loads of little things you can do that addup and make a difference, without going all out and dieting. I have cut out wine and all nibbles between meals recently and have already dropped 8lbs in just 9 days! I feel better and yet I'm not 'proper' dieting!

Good luck with your journey, don;t be hard on yourself and I hope your Mum does well with her surgery.



To infinity and beyond!
thanks Holly , as you may have guessed I am a serial lurker. I don't really post much becuz I don't really know what to say half the time. I appreciate ur reply:)
Nothing wrong with lurking. It helps build up your confidence, then once you start posting on threads, you'll find you can't stop :D

In the meantime I'll catch up with you on the word association thread :)

Hope you are feeling more positive today.
I know we are supposed to be brill at Multi Tasking, but when it comes to situations like this and pressure then we can only do one thing at a time.

Take a deep breath and a step back. Dont be too hard on yourself, but remember, bright colours in food such as fruit and veg do make you more cheerful, so as well as the odd pick, have some fruit and veg too.

Good Luck, and hope your mum is doing well x


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Hi Irish

Not much of a poster myself but I can relate to how your feeling and hope that everything is going to be ok with your mom xx

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