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What is wrong with me

I did really well until i went on holiday in july .Since then i manage a few days then give in.I managed 4 days last week then my gramp passed away and i've been on an alcohol and food binge since last thursday.
I've still got 3 stone to loose having lost 5 stone since april.
What do i do now give cd a break for a while or try and continue until my head gets back into it.
I don't know if i'm making it worse by doing a few days then eating everythings so messed up.
I wish i could get back into ketosis and loose that last 3 stone.
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hi poppys, sorry to hear about your gramps! why dont you give yourself a break youve got alot goin on in your head at the moment. good luck!!.xx
Hi Poppys, it's so hard isn't it? I have been trying to restart for months now, I am now on day 7 the furthest I have got in a long time, I think it's purely frame of mind, you need to get back in the zone, so maybe healthy eating for now would be good for you until you feel ready, the only reason I say that is because I wish I had done that instead I went from SS to binging SS to binging and ended up putting on more and more weight, I am hoping I am back in the zone now and feel much better, good luck xxx


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Hi Poppys - sorry to hear about your gramps. It's terrible when we loose someone we love.

I think that you should look at the plans that allow you to eat something alongside the CD if you really don't feel you can do ss.
BUT!!!! You (and me, and many others) have to get out of the 'eating for comfort' habit! I bet your gramps was so proud of you loosing so much weight and would be sad if he thought you were so upset you were eating everything in sight!
I really do sympathise with you but I also think you should rethink what you are doing and loose the last 3 stone before Christmas!

Sorry if I sound heartless but I feel sure that if you don't it will be 4 stone to loose very soon.

Thanks everyone xxx
I know i can do this and 3 stone is acheiveable by christmas
I need to stop messing about and get back to ss .
I;m so much happier now i've lost weight the thought of putting it all back on fills me with dread.
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Thats the spirit hunni, WE KNOW YOU CAN DO IT :) X


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i have to say i agree with wilma. its true. dont go straight into SS. go to 810 plan and then move down slowly. might make it easier. but dont take a break completly from CD

take care of urself hun
Hiya poppy im sorry about your gramps and understand you dont want to gain weight again wither, why not go on one of the other higher plans so your eating sensibly and then move down on sole source

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