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What is your current weight & dress size?



Laugh in the face of food
I'm 5' 7" tall weigh 13st 10lbs and my dress sizes vary considerably, the jeans I'm wearing now are size 12 (generous 12 lol) but I'm usually 14/16, with the occassional size 18 top. I'd love to be size 14 all over that would be great! But even when I was at my original target of 11st 7lbs I varied between 12/14 with the odd 16 thrown in there. It really depends on what I'm wearing and where I bought it from lol
I am 13stone 4lbs and i wear a 16 although some 14's fit me now i think i will half to loose at least another 10lbs to feel very comfy in a size 14

oh and i am 5ft 6:D
Im 5ft 4, 12st 12 - 13st and a size 16 x
Wow so many replies already lol I love it! I forgot to put height in, that's also very relevant, I'm 5ft 4. It's good to get a lot of different ideas of weight/dress size. I think it is also relevant to say it depends what shop you go to?? Does anyone else agree?? xx


Laugh in the face of food
I totally agree!! The other thing that makes a difference that I hadn't really thought about was how muscley you are. My friend and I were exactly the same height and weight at one point, except she was wearing size 10/12's and I was in 12/14's but I'm alot more athletic that she is. As she put it... 'You can fold flab into clothes, muscles don't give so much'. She has a fab sense of humour.
I'm 5ft 2, weigh 13 stone 2 and I'm a 16 in trousers but wear 18's with belts because I begrudge buying new jeans! On top I'm a 14/16 depending on the shop, style and length of the top.
I find if your are muscles the clothes sizes are smaller, as muscle takes up a lot less room in the body, as its leaner so it means a smaller clothes size.


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Hi, I'm 8 stone 7 and am a size 8 but when I started out I was 15 stone and a size 18/20. Oh and I'm 5 2"!
I am 5ft 6 11 stone 11 size 14/16 bottom half in jeans or trousers size 12-14 bottom half in skirts and 10-12 top half...the reason for the difference lots of excess skin around my stomach hips and tops of my legs from the huge amount of weight I have lost...something I just have to accept.

I am 12stone 10, 5 foot 1 and am a 12-14 on tops and got myself into size 14 jeans this morning :D

My aim is to get back down to a size 8-10! It might take me a while but i'll get there! xx
I am 5ft 3, i am 13st 1lb and i am now in a size 16, although most of my clothes are now a loose size 18.
I'm 14 stone 10lb (keep varying,) 5 ft 8 inches and am a size 18 on the bottom and about a 16 on top (hopefully for not much longer!)

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