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What is your plan?


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HI there? I just wondered what eveyones plan is as far as CD goes over the Christmas/New Year period? I keep changing my mind! I originally was going to have between 24th Dec - 31st Dec on 1200, then back on ss for new years day. But now I am thinking of having 2 days off (christmas day and new years eve) and the rest of the time doing ss! I'm 3 stone off goal, my Birthday is on 8th March and I REALLY REALLY REALLY want to be at my goal by then :) What is everyone else planning on doing? Hugs x x x x
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please try again
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hey emma

im having christmas eve and christmas day off, i intend to be sensible and stick mainly to 810 kind of options but if i want a little of something eg one rostie, a little christmas pud then i will and boxing day i will be back to ss
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Off plan and more importantly off work from evening of Dec 24th - Jan 3rd.

It's my little holiday and I'm going to enjoy it :)

I know I'll get back on plan on Jan 4th because I trust myself now.
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I am ss'ing all through christmas and new year. Getting to goal is more important to me than having christmas dinner and having a drink. When I have finished dieting I can have the odd drink or roast dinner when I want. x x
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Hi Emma,I am doing a combination-24TH,25TH,26th,31st off- 27th'28th on, few drinks at a social this weekend and fizz with Mr T tomorrow to celebrate him being home for xmas without going away in the week! Also family meal evening of 29th.
Everyone is different and this will work for me,I have a wonderful cdc and my determination to be at least 1st 4 lighter by Mr T's 40th in May will get me back on track. x
I am going to stay SS with the exception of Xmas day and the 28th because that will actually be my full family Xmas. But on those days I'm hoping to stay in the 810 area. I've planned a nice meal of chicken, cauliflower puree and a salad that shouldn't be more than 400 kcal and low carbs. My family is aware that I wont be eating a majority of the food available to me so that should help me keep focused.
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Xmas day meat & veg a plenty plus gravey no carbs at all then back to ss+ from there on after

Might even have something out the obligatory roses tin ;) just the one though
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my plan is to do ss+, i.e. shakes plus a bit of turkey & veg. The reason for this is I came off plan to go to NY , which I dont regret, but it was soooo hard to get back on plan, strangely harder to get back on plan than when i orginially started.. and im still struggeling 3 weeks later, but thats just me. Had i not have had a break in nov for NY i would have had xmas day off. Also my brother cannot eat starchs and therefore will be doing the same turky &veg combi as me and itll just be the parents tucking into the mince pies and rost pots, will make it kinda easier.
That is the plan anyways..
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im doing ss all the time apart from the following days off 24th/25th/26th and 31st/01st i will be sensible on those days though (apart from the alcohol on31st! :) and make sure i make choices i will be happy looking back on. like mrs essex loads of veg and meat, little bit of gravy, i will eat but very low carbs but will knock myself out of it for 31st as not happy drinking and being in ketosis.

good luck what ever you decide hun xxxxx


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I'm happy we have this thread to be honest, I'd put money on the fact that even the ones of us that answered here that they will be off plan will be fine weight wise. It's the ones that shy from accountability and never post around this time of the year that I worry will binge.

After 8 months of SS straight with not as much as ONE cheat or near cheat my perspective now in pre-maintenance changed so this post is from the perspective of being "nearly there" and I would have sang a different tune if I were half way.

I for one think that there's a serious difference between "off plan" and "planning to be off plan" or rather "modifying the plan". I think the latter is fine, as long as we think of what we'll be eating and drinking on those days (I'll do Xmas day and NYE) with a clear, cool head now and then stick to the planned sequence of events then I am pretty sure that getting back on track will be a breeze since it's never straying in the first place. In other words I do think it's about the attitude, if we plan for nothing and binge that's a fail. If we plan and then eat accordingly, no matter what that plan is, that's a win!

Fingers crossed that we all stick to our respective plans! - It would be nice to get back on this thread and report what we managed come January 1st :)
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I totally agree MissAma. I think the more realistic we are about holidays, birthdays, meals out and Christmas the easier we'll find it emotionally.

I notice very very few threads and posters right now which indicates to me we're having a lot of strugglers at the moment. My CDC says a lot of her clients are doing 'damage control' and moving up the plans to prepare for Xmas.

It's a case of knowing yourself, knowing your eating history, how you've found CD up to now, how you've dealt with off plan moments.

Good luck everyone, as I'm sure everyone will need it at certain points!


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My CDC says a lot of her clients are doing 'damage control' QUOTE]

That is soo how I describe my approach or lack of it at the moment. Damage control. I am fully working to the target of being the same weight on the 4th Jan as I am now. I am going to try and SS+ on most days, Christmas Day I plan on having the whole 3 courses, and have Thorntons for Xmas (small box), and then I am off on hols for 3 days for new year, so will be eating meals, so will hope for the best. But realistically, if I put on a few pounds, it will quickly come back off once on SS again in Jan.
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QUOTE- I notice very very few threads and posters right now which indicates to me we're having a lot of strugglers at the moment. My CDC says a lot of her clients are doing 'damage control' and moving up the plans to prepare for Xmas.

I have also noticed this! there are quite a few people whos threads/posts i used to enjoy reading and have noticed they are no more! things are moving slowly in this forum.... but go us for all being serious about loosing and forward planning so that we do acheive what we plan! woohooooo! xxx


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I'm having a few days off - 22nd, evening of 24-27th, evening of 31st. I want to be back to my lowest on the 2nd Jan. I have already been on and off CD once this month so I'm sure I can do it.
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I plan to ss upto and including xmas eve, then ss plus xmas day. Back on the ss wagon for me then till goal. I have this planned out in my head so i know ill not stray. If i never planned for this i would go crazy and consider it a cheat. So not gonna happen. Hope everybody sticks to their plans whatever they may be and more importantly to enjoy the day. :)


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I keep changing my mind about what to do but whatever it is, I won't go overboard. I shall stay away from carbs as much as possible and not drink and as for the rest - we shall see. Certainly no chocolates or sweets but I may give in to a steak at some point!


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I was supposed to have today off entirely for a work do... but I left my old job the other week and didn't fancy going, so I've had some nibbles anyway (just ones that will keep me in ketosis - bits of cheese, frankfurter and chicken) - I figured hell, what I was going to have would have been far worse (3 course dinner, carb heaven!) and skipped my evening shake instead.

back on 100% tomorrow until christmas eve - having shake 1, 2 and then a nice meal, christmas day TOTALLY off and boxing day totally off too, back to SS 100% on 27th - I don't really celebrate New Year so that's no worry for me. when i say "off" i mean, i don't care. I'll try not to pig myself, but I'll eat what I like and ENJOY IT - otherwise when I go back on, on the 27th, I won't feel satisfied and will be more likely to cheat.
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Hi Emma,
like you I keep umming and aahhing as to whether to have a Christmas break and eat or stay with the program...I am terrified to eat in case I can't stop and I am still very focussed at the moment and don't want to lose that...but on the other hand the devil in me is nagging me saying "well it is Christmas...don't be too strict with yourself..you can afford to be a bit naughty and then refocus in the New Year." I am just scared of losing control....I am working all over Christmas and will be in bed after a night shift on Christmas day and Boxing Day so this will help and my husband and son are going to my sisters for dinner on C/day so will not have the temptation of all the nice dinner near me...it's just all the sweets,nuts,cheese and alcohol that will be the challenge. I am just going to play it by ear I think and if I'm naughty then so be it I will kick myself back into touch I am sure...I have worked so hard to get the 7 stone off I have lost so far not to!


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hi my norm plan is ss+ so im sticking to it throughout, well on xmas day il be having three cd packs n meat n veg for dinner i wont be weighing the meat though so a slight varience :=) other than that is new years eve im having a complete day off. il be drinking that night so wanted to kicl myself out of ketosis so decided this will be my day soo looking forward to fish n chip dinner. im confident il be able to get right back to it on jan 1st even with a hangover. my b day is jan 4th but sticking to plan. so seeing as all 3 events are near by figured i needed to be realistic n choose one day n just go with it.. its keeping me focussed so hen i feel slightly hard done my i just remind myself its not long till a complete day off!

hope everyones plans........ well..... go to plan lol!!

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