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what jobs do we all do


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this is just me being nosey just wondered what we all done for a living

i am at uni full time (well its finished for the year) studying forensic anthropology and crime scene science to give the course its full title

however i also work as a care assistant doing home help
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I am a Tattoo Artist......

love my job....

recently widowed...

but still here and trying to sort my life out......with lots of support and help from my friends.....;)

and exante is a way forward for me to get what I need..eat and lose weight.......result....hopefully.,...:D


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sorry to hear of your loss.

tattoo artist now there is talent. wish i could draw let alone ink some one??? i blame people like you for my addiction lol
lol yeh well here to help :D

everyone can draw..we just have different abilities....
look at Lowry? matchstick men....his paintings still hang in galleries though..;)
Tattoo artist is like a dream job for me! Amazing!

I do admin for the Barnardo's South West finance team. Yawn.


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ahh is bristol sunny?? i'm just about to head up to the airport lol
Hi, wow what an interesting bunch we are! I'm about to start as an ISVA, which is an advocate for victims of rape.
I clean, make a lot of tea, sign paperwork, and shout at men.
Hi Fongs x

and sam, if I could retrain I go and be a Bones, fascinating job! good one.
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Council Walla

For-Ev-er ;) lol

Ah well-super boring I bet, but it pays well & I enjoy what I do, and the flexi hrs are good

(((hugs Fongy))) you are doing so well :)

I can't draw either-I have seen photos of Fongy's work and its :happy096: :clap: :wow:
hi Fongs, started eliminating on sunday, packs arrive tomorrow, need to drop 18lbs smartish, and i graze during the day.No wine, wheat, fags, butter in house. Just veg, protein and waters, teas etc. No lunch boxes for him, hes chuffed gets chippy every day! just ate 4 bisquits though, in his cupbord, but none left now.
Im also a council walla. Worked in the council for many years doing various jobs.

Currently work in environmental enforcement. Possibly hated as much as traffic wardens.
I'm in office/admin work for a Supermarket. Ahhhh the smell of baking bread is a nightmare & dont get me started on the cheese & deli counters!
I'm in office/admin work for a Supermarket. Ahhhh the smell of baking bread is a nightmare & dont get me started on the cheese & deli counters!
I think I would be quite slim if I had your job & I worked in Morrisons-that smell of cooking chicken

why do they think that will draw people in to buy it????

But yes, baking bread would tip me over the edge
in fact I am commuting on my scooter again, and I can smell all the takeaways firing up their food for the night....Oooohhhh.... Chineeeeeeese :cry:
I'm a self-employed book-keeper, do day-to-day accounting, payroll, HR, some admin tasks and tax returns for a varied portfolio of clients.

I also own/run a small (very small!) employment agency. :)


taking it 1 day at a time
I'm a cook, cleaner, umpire, nurse, social secretary, taxi driver and whatever else being a mum of 5 (3 to 15) throws at me. Oh, and i also do all the admin and wages for my hubbys business once the youngest 3 are in bed. As you can tell, i've learnt not to say i'm JUST a mum! The pays not too good, the hours are horrendous and holidays are non existent but i wouldn't be without them!

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