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what made u choose weight watchers.

hi there, this is my 1st ever time on your weight watchers threads, so please be gentle with me :) my name is michelle and i am currently on cambridge diet, unfortunately im getting very bored and miserable with it now,but more to the point last week my weight stayed the same and this week i had a 2lb loss,which i dont think is great considering the lack of food...please can i ask you all as to what made u decide weight watchers was the right diet 4u?...i have never tried weight watchers so really know nothing about it only its based on points, any comments u make could really help me make some decisions on what my next best move should be? many thanks in advance michelle x
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Hello :)

What I love about WW is no food - absolutely none, is offlimits. I love the fact I can eat what I like and snack etc and still loose weight.

I think its the only diet that makes socialising so easy. I regularly take my niece to BK or McDs and always eat with her. I was out for dinner last night, took my Eating Out Guide and chose sensibly, but I was still out for a nice Italian meal with friends and didnt have the 'OMG Ive ruined my diet' feeling.

Any food you want can be easily calculated and incorporated into your daily eating plan.

Being careful with my points has also made me more aware of what Im eating, and its amazing how many points you can save by swapping (things like Mince for Quorn mince for instance) ingredients or brands. I feel Ive totally re educated myself with habits Ill carry on using once I get to goal


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I chose WW because i saw how well starlight was doing and saw how you could have delicious things to eat and still lose weight

Have never regretted it

Irene xx
ps what are the averaage losses you can expect roughly each week?, many thanks for your replies starlight and irene h x
I chose weight watchers this time as I didnt do too well with slimming world in the past, i gave up and set myself up for failure, i couldnt get on with the eating plan.
And im glad i did chose ww as its been brilliant so far and best of all havent got bored and given up and have lost weight!
I love the plan its self and how im not restricted at all. And it teaches you to eat sensibly along the way and i love how the points reduce as you lose weight too - clever.


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Have to agree with the other girls, you can eat and drink what you want as long as its within your points so your not depriving yourself of anything, good luck with your weight-loss journey whatever you decide to do x
many thanks to you all, if i have read the stickys correctly i would need either 17 or 18 points, now going to try and find out what i could have for those points :)


nearly there!! :)
i choose ww because i went to the doc depressed bout my weight (started off at 15st 12) and she told me that i wasnt big enough to be put on any of the tablets but that the only advise she could give me was to join ww, they teach u how to eat healthy while loosing weight and have an excellant support system.....i went to ww that night and joined ha!! because u are now in a healthy range bmi wise id say u prob are best to change to ww to now incorporate food into ur diet....but be warned when u are small it takes time to loose more weight!! i no everyone is diff so u might be too but i no a couple of people who are just reaching goal, and it can take them 2weeks to loose 1/2 a lb.
im not trying to put u off, just hoping after being on cd ud be aware of the length it takes ya!:)
also i would say if u are starting ww get a calculator!! its the best invention ever ha!! good luck xx
Hi Michelle

I have done CD and Slimming World in the past. Lost weight with CD but put it all back on and then some, and couldn't get on with Slimming World.

I like WW for all the reasons given above. You can eat 'normal' food but learn new eating habits, rather than 'going on' a diet that one day you'll be 'going off'.
many thanks once again for all your replies. catznolan u say 2 get a calculator? is that a normal calculator? or a special weight watchers one? sorry if this is a dumb question but as i said b4 i know nothing about ww, although i am liking what im hearing, especially about being able to lead a normal life again and to start socialising again! thanks for your honesty too about maybe not a great loss coming over from cd, i know i would be very disheartened catznolan if it took me 2 weeks to lose half a pound :-( i really do have a lot to think about x
Its a points calculator, you can get it online or at meetings

Dont be put off by the weight loss. WW say 1 to 2lbs a week is the estimated loss on WW so 7lbs a month is very doable.

1/2lb in 2 weeks ISNT the norm, sounds as if catz friend has maybe hit a plateau there.

Youll see some losses on here that are way over the average, some people have been losing 3 and 4lbs but again thats above average.
I chose ww cos i had friends that were doing it both of which only went for one week lol
i kept going and lost 5st became a leader then stuff happened (baby house move etc) and kinda lost a grip
Now I KNOW I can do ww I have struggled to get the right mind set but finally I have it and am in the "zone"
ww trains you how to eat properly which to be honest i think we all need to do or we wouldnt be on this road iyswim
Yes, a Weight Watchers calculator - it works out the points values of foods. Are you thinking you would go to a class? If so, you would get a list of the basic food points and a calculator there. If not, you can buy WW magazine and order calculator etc from there.
Yes, a Weight Watchers calculator - it works out the points values of foods. Are you thinking you would go to a class? If so, you would get a list of the basic food points and a calculator there. If not, you can buy WW magazine and order calculator etc from there.
If you pop along to a meeting you can buy them from there and everything else you need.

Hiya Karen, how are you today lovely?:p
what does iyswim mean? i think i would rather do it online and then use forums such as this rather than a class if i choose to do this x

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