What made you choose lipotrim?


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Hi everyone,

I'm looking to lose 6 stone ish long term (depends on my body shape and fitness level when I get nearer goal) and I am seven days into a calorie controlled diet and loathing it. I've done it this way before but that was 4 years ago and I had more time to swim and exercise plus a workmate who did it with me - well forced me and nagged me!

Now I have 3 kids and little time and to be honest my longterm target feels so out of reach I already feel disheartened.

The reasons I look to swapping to lipotrim are -

The weight loss can be fast. On cc diet it's often an initial loss of 4lbs and then one or two there after and I don't think this is going to motivate me.

I think it will be easier to cut out food altogether than juggling this and that. I enjoy healthy food but I think the initial total food replacement lipo offers will mean I know exactly what I can have. Once I start refeeding I will have lost some weight and have an enormous incentive to stick to a healthier diet.

It appears safe. I did worry that I might lack energy at first and feel tired but considering I am 6 stone or more overweight I am not exactly brimming with energy now so I don't think that makes a difference and the tiredness will wear off.

It's not so costly. We have three kids, my hubby's wage is our only one (we are not entitled to benefits) and I work voluntarily so knowing how much it will cost each week (36 pounds I think??) is a real bonus and if it is replacing everything I eat then it kind of is the same as paying for my food.

I really think I am going to give it a go I have been horrid this week on cc diet and because no food is totally out of bounds (you can count it in your calorie intake) I have already had tiny little slip ups. Every night I have begged for a burger!

What made you choose lipotrim and how hard is it really?? I don't want to turn into a grumpy tired monster not for much longer than a week anyway!!:) Would you say for a busy mum it's a good option?

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Hello. I am 26 and i have initially 8 stone to lose (well 6st 10lbs now)

I came across LT for all the wrong reasons about 2 years ago when i wanted to lose a lot of weight quickly, there was nothing more to it than that reason, which is wrong. I started it and did fairly well but my head and heart wasn't in it .. i just wanted the results without the hard work. I was doing it to please others too not me so i felt so pressured into succeeding so inevitably i failed .... This time i am doing it for me, my head and heart is prepared for the hard work and is motivated for all the right reasons. It is important that you feel like that because without it, like me the first time, you'll be likely to fail. Of course the fast weight loss is a reason to do this diet still but it isn't the sole reason :)

I think Lipotrim allows people to deal with the mental aspects of weight issues and shows that we aren't hungry when we think we are, we don't need food to be the be all and end all of everything and we can be disciplined with ourselves. It removes the issue completely and allows you time to change and it really shows how bad things were. There is no measuring or counting etc like on other diets and it's affordable in my opinion, especially if compared to a food bill and all the extra money spent on alcohol, takeaways, dining out, work lunches etc.

I don't have children so can't really answer the question as to how it fits in but i know a lot of the ladies do and i'm sure they'll be along. It works for me though and i'm a full time worker and part time student so lead a busy life and it fits in fine with my life.

So i choose Lipotrim because i needed to make a big change both physically and mentally, this allows me to make both them changes, not one or the other. It gives the kind of results that the hard work deserves too, which is a motivation that you don't get with many diets.

It does require discipline and it is hard work but it is sooooooooo worth it. The first week is the hardest and headaches, lack of energy and hunger are common but it gets so much easier, and they all subside.

If you start i wish you the best of luck, you'll not regret it though ... this forum will be a godsend if you do as so fabulous and full of support :) xx


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Hi I was forty in September ,and I never wanted to be fat and forty but I was, I'm sad to say. I have 2 children and one of them has special needs . I need to be healthy for my children and for me ,mentally and physically . I had a baby girl in 2009 , but she was stillborn and I had to have a emergency hysterectomy because they could not stem the bleeding. After this happened I lost about 3 stone in weight as I was unable to eat for about 3 months. I don't no if it was a mixture of grief and surgery but I was unable to eat . After about a year or so I noticed my clothes were starting to get tight again ,so I new I had to loose weight again

A friend of mine , started lipotrim in July 2010 and the weight seemed to have melted off of her , she lost 3 stone in 3 months , unfortunately she didn't do the reefed or maintenance as she felt it wasn't worth the money and she piled back on all the pounds .

I'm going on a cruise in may 2012 , and I have my sons confirmation in April 2012 , and I want to loose all this excess weight . I had about 6 stone to loose, but I decided to start the beginning of nov , I have 20 lbs lost so far.
I am coming off it at Christmas as I no my willpower will not last through the festive period but I am going back on it in january .
All the other diets have never worked for me , as I don't have patience for a lb here and there , holding your own and gaining , this diet works and if you stick to it you loose weight ,the cost of the diet in rep of Ireland is. 65. euro, but when you calculate it, your food bill is smaller , no takeaways ,no alcohol, to be honest I have more Money in my purse since I started. I hope you decide to give lipotrim a go , it's not easy and you will have good days and bad ,but it's so worth it . And can I just say the girls who come on here really do support one another , so best of luck in your decision ,
Tigger x .


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HI KrabbyPatty,
I am the same as you in a way. I started LT with 7 st to lose and, being a mum of 5, no time in which to work at it. Lipotrim is great once you get through the horrid first 4-5 days, you have no hunger and plenty of energy. The 1st weigh in is normally good as you will have got rid of excess water and it certainly gives you a buzz to keep going. I started on 1st November and have lost 24lbs so far, to me that is the most amazing start and knowing that I now have just over 5 st to lose is so much better than 7st.
The cost I found to be great too. We have a Tesco Express over the road from our house and I was going in there 5-6 times a week, spending about £10 a time on junk for me and the kidz. I would go in for milk and come out with crisps, pizza, french bread, chocolate, you name, I bought it. Now when I go I buy what I need and nothing else, saving me about £40 at Tesco alone. It makes the £36 seem so tiny in the whole scheme of things.
The only problem I can see with the plan is coming off and not putting the weight back on. Most people seem to quit LT when they get within sight of their goal and then eat healthy to shift the last few pounds, helping to change eating habits before just jumping back into the food. There are loads of posts to read about refeeding and maintaining the weight loss. Also the support on this forum is fab for when you need a little push in the right direction.
I hope all this helps but, at the end of the day, it's what works for you. No harm in giving it a try!!!

Best of luck with your weight loss journey
x x x


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I decided to do lipotrim after losing 4st my self just healthy eating, then my weight loss slowed right down to 1lb a week. My friend told me about lipotrim and I thought this sounds challenging but I'll put my all into it and do it. I have full support from family and friend. You can basically make the diet work around you. I have cheated as you can see but I've got straight back on it as I now have the will power I never used to have!! I feel healthier, no bloatedness, I sleep better, no snoring and great skin! I wish you all the luck in your journey Hun x