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What plan is best for a veg hater Lol

Do you eat no veg at all??? As a child, well until I was about 20 I was a really fussy eater & can't think of any veg (other than potatoes) that I would eat - now I LOVE the stuff!! Hardly any I don't like :)
Idetest sprouts and cabbage, not too keen on cauliflower but other than that I'm ok with everything else. I also hated the stuff as a kid, used to make me heave lol. I started eating the stuff for health reasons.


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I'm not a huge veg lover - I will eat it but rather not have to however I do the Green Plan and I am trying to make myself eat more veg and to stay away from the more proccessed foods. It's for my own good and the more I eat them the more I'll get used to them.
Do you eat no veg at all??? As a child, well until I was about 20 I was a really fussy eater & can't think of any veg (other than potatoes) that I would eat - now I LOVE the stuff!! Hardly any I don't like :)
Dont like any of it all... never have :(

Still pick it out if any is in a meal I have or served as a side to a meal


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Sorry but just had to laugh at Sonkies post.
I hate veggies too...pleased im not the only one.....lol....though can at a push eat mashed carrot and suede
No wonder you don't like veg lol. That suede can be a bit chewy if you don't cook it long enough. Tough as old boots.;-)

They say that if you dont like veg, then you've just never eaten it cooked properly!
My hubby hated all veg when I met him. Now he eats onions, carrots, peas & courgettes!! (it took me 3yrs!!)
I started by grating carrot & courgette together & frying them off with lots of pepper etc. He got to like that!
I then started making my carrots chunky & boiled them in stock, rather than water.
Then I got him to help me shell peas from their pods.... but he's only eat them raw for a while... now I can par boil them.

Its a slow process... but if u can only eat carrots.. u'll be ok. They are by far the best overall veg for you.

If anyone has any ideas how to get me to eat tomatoes, I'll try it.... cant BEAR the horrid things! lol

Hi, thanks for the responses! :)

I dont know what it is I think it's the texture of them?

I cringe at juicy tomatoes, carrots I dont like crunching, cucumber I dont like the watery crunchiness,

But I do like a bit of lettuce!! :D Im ok with my fruit though so trying to make up for it.

Does it count if i blend all the veggies together and have veg soup? Lol Dam me for being so fussy :( I have bought some salad for dinner tomorrow to go with a tuna lunch I will EAT IT! Lol


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I dont think there is any point forcing yourself to eat stuff you dont like, it will just put you off your diet. Making soup is almost the same though i imagine you lose some goodness in the cooking but not a lot i wouldn't have thought.
I'm so glad there's other people on here that aren't keen on veg! :D

I really struggled when I first started as most slimming world recipe ideas include tons of fruit and veg, and I always think that if you're dieting you don't want to be forcing yourself to eat something you don't like, as it's really important to enjoy it.

I think green days would be best. That's only because with red days I always really struggle finding things to go with the meat I have. If I liked salad it would be a million times easier!

I do like some veg, carrots, cauliflower and peas are fine but they have to be cooked untill they're really soft. It's the texture I hate. :(
I'd try blending carrotts or swede in with potatoes & eating them.

Why don't you experiment with different cooking methods & seasoning.

If you really don't like veg & cant find something you like I'd stick to red days, that way you'll be getting iron from the meat which is often found in green veg.

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