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what shop do you dream bout buying clothes from


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..... once your at target?

I know it sounds silly but I can't wait to buy clothes from online shop called boohoo! I loved there clothes but they hardly ever stock above 14 and mainly have 12s in so can't wait to look at clothes and be able actually buy them!:rolleyes:

what shop can't you wait shop in? Or that dream outfit you seen that you only can wear once you lose the weight?
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Jigsaw is my dream shop. On a good day I can remember getting into their skirts, but have never come close to the tops. Hopefully by this time next year I can have a whole new wardrobe. What a delicious thought! Great topic, can't wait to see what everyone else says!


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Great thread, I really wanted to be able to shop in a designer shop near us called choice, but in typical designer style everything is tiny sizes....but 3 weeks ago I actually managed to comfortably buy a pair of size 29 jeans in there....still near the top of their size range, but 6 months ago I wouldnt have got them above my knees...


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I know what you mean, i like designer but everything low cut and sorry to be discusting my my belly literally flops over the top of them, (without me even doin the up) so be nice get in normal size jeans. Im usually a cheap shop kinda person i love a bargain and the 'cheap' shops are really small in sizes aswell!
well if money no object i would love to buy nice things from monsoon or ghost. but at this moment to be able to get 'seasonal chuck away clothes' from primark (not just the new trousers i got)

i would love my top half to get into some of the nice clothes


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I cant wait to get to target to buy some underwear from Rigby and Peller!

Oh and a designer dress from somewhere awesome like Chanel or Joseph.



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haha! my partner actually said when i get to target xan he buy my new underwear.

I been wearing womens boxers and compfy pants for long time now ... think he's bored, damn I dont see men volunteering wearing string up there bum all day! lol
I would love to be able to go into any shop and find things that will fit me.

My dream is something from Armani.........
I have my eye on the Jaeger outlet shop in Reading, which I go past quite often. They have huge reductions.

And I rather like Monsoon - but again, not at full price. Luckily I am not that far from Bicester Village, where the reductions are amazing.
I would love to be able to go into any shop and find things that will fit me.

My dream is something from Armani.........
I was walking past the Armani shop in Sloane Street and because I wasn't looking where I was going, I bumped into another woman who had just stopped in the street - we were both staring at Armani's window.

There was a long grey beaded dress - just the one dress in the window. It was so beautiful! Tucked away in the corner was a small fan, which made the material and the beading shimmer.

No way I could ever afford it, nor would I have anywhere to wear it to if I could, nor would it suit me anyway. But it was just lovely to look at it, and have a little dream - it made my day!!


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I think we're all going to be bankrupt at target!
Any normal high street shop for me. I was quite pleased the other day just buying something from matalan and not from the Rogers & Rogers section. Ok, so it was only a pair of PJ's but just made me realise that I may be able to start shopping normally. x


Mad old Bat with Attitude
I probably shouldn't be telling you this! (competition!) But nearly all my clothes are Monsoon! I get them off ebay for not alot!
Oh, Avisk, how I long to walk down Sloane Street. Just to read the words is magic.

If I could shop at Armani I would. Ann Robinson always looks so cool and she is no young rock chick either.

I just love these two......that is so greedy !!!!!!
I'm not a desginer chick. So just to be able to buy from any petite range would be fabulous.

I really like Disigual but their sizes are freaky weird, I'll fit in a small 14 in most places but not their 18? It's like why bother sizing them if the only difference is it's a bit longer.

Would love to be able to fit in some of the Japanese labels my friends wear, gotta be a size 10 max for that though :p
any shop in the "normal size" section will do for me lol


Primark here I come!
I would love and I mean LOVE to just waltz into Primark pick something off the peg and say yes I will have that and yes it will fit me. Simple but true!
I hate having to shop around for what I call fat clothes....
I would love to buy clothes from any shop, other than evans!!!

primark would be good never mind all the expensive designer shops :(

just the utter shame of my lovely boyfriend taking me to meadowhall shopping centre and me only going in evans and no other clothes shop, and him asking if i want to look in other clothes shops (tiny designer) ones and me saying no they will not fit me.(he doesnt understand, bless him they dont do bigger sizes)

but hey i have gone from a size 32 top to a size 24 so maybe them gorgeous designer shops will one day be within my reach

i heard next go up to a size 28??

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