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What Size do you Wanna Be?



can see the end in sight!
12 to 14 for me. I am a size 20 on bottom now and an 18 on top so a bit of a way to go! Never been less than an 18 though so anything is a bonus.
To me it the opposite lol I'm big on top so it will be 12 bottom and 14 top that strange isn't


can see the end in sight!
I would love to be like that, I have the dreaded thunder thighs!
Trust me lol you won't like it, most of the nice tops are always on smaller size not with the size for my big boobs I hate them lol.
12-14, probably 12 on the bottom and 14 on the top, I am top heavy too.
I am gonna try and get down to an 8!
I've been so fat for so long that I don't have a goal size. I figure if I can get my weight down below a BMI of 25 I'll be doing good. I'd like to get down to 118 lbs, which is what I weighed in high school (heavier than when I was in college) and I'll be thrilled if I get there.

I don't think I'll care so much what size I wear.
I thought I'd like to get into size 12, and that I'd be really slim at that but now I can get into size 12 in most shops, I think maybe size 10 as there is still quite a bit of "fat" on my bottom half. Been kidding myself for years that I'm a big build!!

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